tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Cats On Tuesday

I know I have bean missing a lot of Cats On Tuesday posts :(
Of course it´s all my lazy mom-persons fault !!
But now I have forced her to help me with a 
Cats On Tuesday post :)
So TURN that so called Mr Google Translater OFF !!!

When you have translated my recently posts , 
it seams that Mr Google translater is going on somekind of drugs ??
Or maybe he just have a whole lot of imagination ??

So I feel I want to explain some of the worst errors 
from last week  :)

Imma Abemissa and Philemon are NOT living inside their mom-person !
They are living in the half of the house that belongs to their mom-person !!

Philemon DID NOT iron Balthazar !
He gave him some GOOD Bunny-kicks  *mol*

This is not  a lot of unnecessary shot on the ground !
It´s hail from the hailstorm we had the other night 
that I´m standing in !

My mom was NOT in Miami on a catshow the other day , 
she was in a town called VARBERG not far away from my home !

She did NOT slap Sören Fernström !
She patted him and put money in his moneybox !
The money that he collect he gives away to different shelters around in Sweden :)

Sören ran away from the judge and NO ONE shouted that there was any BAG CAT  , they shouted in the speakers that there was a CAT ON THE RUN !!

I did NOT say Eeek about my picture that is in our local Newspapers Saffron-Cat competition !
I miaowed Oooops just like 
Briteny Spears did when she did it again :)
What I did again ??
I asked you to vote for my photo again.
and you will end up directly at my picture.
You vote/like the picture by clicking n the heart under my picture.

PLEASE , don´t forget to visit 
Gattina and her Cats 
that hosts 
Cats On Tuesday !

18 kommentarer:

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Actually, the Google translations are very entertaining! Hahahaha!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu sa...

Wow! That was interesting! We know how bad Google translator is, but it seems it is even worse than we thought!

We voted for you!

The Chans

Unknown sa...

That's true google makes jokes sometimes and I just need to use my imagination to know what you wanted to say... so, pls think of making Cats on Tuesday every day... WOW that would be great !

371 hearts !!!!

Mariodacat sa...

ha ha we're still laughing over some of the mistakes the Translator made/ I'm thinking maybe it's better that my translator doesn't even work here. Dumb Google!! I know some languages are difficult to translate but I don't think Google has done a good job at all. I give it an F.

Mariodacat sa...

Oh yes, we voted for you too. Anytime pal - you are always a winner in our book.

LP sa...

We votes and you now have 374 hearts Kjelle!
Our Mr. Translator doesn't even work AT ALL anymore. Who knows why?!!
We are glad you sorted it all out though. Hmph.Technology!!

the critters in the cottaGE XO

BeadedTail sa...

Mr. Google clearly was dipping in the nip when he translated last week because those are way off! We knew your mom would never slap a kitty!

Gattina sa...

If Google would translate the politician's speaches I think the world would be better ! Hahahah !

Dui och Deco sa...

"Fniss" Det blir ju rätt roligt i alla fall men ganska förvirrande..Nosbuff


We think Mr. Google is pretty funny!!!
Thanks for clarifying though...we were a little worried! haha!!!

And ooops, we voted again!
Good luck in the photo contest, Charlie Rascal! I can't imagine ANY cat could get more votes than you. You are the handsomest of ALL.

Vi i Kasperian sa...

Hehehe, massa tillrättalägganden där... Ja se den Google, han kan han... :D
Röst nr 383 är från Myse, hälsar han. :)

Sparkle sa...

Yeah, Google translator has been pretty wacky! I'm glad you cleared some of that up. I was especially confused about the Miami part - I was wondering if there was a Swedish town called Miami.

Mollie sa...

MOL, we seem to be OK with the translator, well wez fawghts we were..MOL wez fawght it was all true.. :) Have a great Tuesday xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Katnip Lounge sa...

hee hee! It's just as funny the second time around!

Anonym sa...

Wow...Intressant inlägg med härliga foton/NoooooooosPussssss ♥

Katie Isabella sa...

I have been missing some days because my human brother hads been very sick but today here I am and mommy is LAUGHING at all of your blog! I LOVE those errors and your explanations. Oh that was fun. :-))) XXOO

Anonym sa...

Oh THANK YOU Charlie Rascal for the translation of Google translator! I sort of figured most of it out, but it was weird, weird, weird! And I am voting every day for you by clicking the heart. Paw pats, Savannah

Cat-from-Sydney sa...

Kjelle Bus,
I think someone's been feeding the translator too much nip-laced pizza. We're all rolling on the floor...so hilarious. purrr...meow!