tisdag 29 oktober 2013

Stormy Toesie Tuesday

Yesterday came the storm Simone/ St. Jude´s 
and she took the power away for many people , 
many trees and even roof´s on houses.
We heard on the news that
it was  44.7 meters per second in the wind gusts.

My mom was working last night and drove around in the storm.
You don´t have to worry she and her co-workers did alright :)

When mom came home the power hade gone and the 
emergency power had went on.
So we all had to sleep in the livingroom with closed door , 
since the diesel fumes wen´t right up to our bedroom :(
Sure glad mom and dad bought a BIG sofa not to long ago ,
so we all slept well.
YES , my mom brought in both my litterbox 
and food and water into 
the livingroom and YES I used my litterbox right away :)

Here is my Toesie 

and YES mom´s toesies got VERY wet about 2 seconds after 
she took this picture today :)

and here is a picture on my blue blue eye´s.
Hope you don´t faint ladies ;-)

Happy Tuesday to you all !


26 kommentarer:

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

The storm did wreak havoc around Europe. We're glad all of you are okay and we hope the electricity is back soon.

Sparkle sa...

I'm glad you and your humans made it through the storm safe and warm!

Mariodacat sa...

That storm must have been a bad one. So happy you are okay.

Alice sa...

Det är nog många som kommer svimma av de blå ögonen... ;)
Tur att ni har en stor soffa så ni fick sova skönt.
Skönt att matte och hennes kolleger klarade sig bra, annars skall man hålla sig inne i sånt väder om man inte jobbar.

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Of course you used the litterbox right away Kjelle. You have to keep your mum on her toes! We didn't lose our power but it felt like even the walls were shaking and I thought we would be blown away by morning. It was very noisy so I slept under the duvet between mum and dad.

da tabbies o trout towne sa...

dood...faint ta de ladeez....we haz even fainted !! :)

way happee ewe N yur familee iz aye oh kay N yur houz two N we all sew hope yur friends iz safe as well...

hope ya getz sum powers bak soon


LP sa...

We are glad you all stayed safe and sound Kjelle! And yes, you do have dreamy blue eyes and all the girls over here at the cottage, have gone, THUD!! :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Brian's Home Blog sa...

I sure am glad you all are okay!!!

Kattfamiljen sa...

Skönt att ni inte blåste bort i stormen !

JA du Kjelle, dina ögon är ju bara för vackra <3

Donna sa...

I sorry about the bad storm. I glad u are okay.

Cats Herd You sa...

That's an impressive photo. We imagine your peep's toes did get wet taking that photo! We are glad to hear you are safe and secure after the terrible storm.


That's the sound of all the ladies fainting.
Charlie Rascal, you are a heartbreaker.

I bet sleeping in the living room was like camping!!! ...without the smores.
; )

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur sa...

Woah, you guys stay safe! (Tho our mummy is hoping you blow over here for some big cuddles!)

meowmeowmans sa...

All the ladycats are fainting here, on account of your blue eyes, Kjelle! :)

We are glad you and yur family were okay in that storm. It sounded so scary.

Unknown sa...

Man lider med alla missar som var utomhus. Tur du slapp. Tazz&Kram

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren sa...

we heard about your terrible storms and thank goodness you are all ok!!!

Mollie sa...

We has terrible storms in the UK, lots of power out. Glad you were all safe Charlie.. I have just fainted BOL xxoxx

Mollie and Alfie

BeadedTail sa...

We're glad you're safe from the storms! And yep, we fainted! *swoon*

Anonym sa...

Charlie we're VERY glad you made it through that awful storm! And I think it's quite nice of you to share your super blue eyes and floofy toesies with all the girlcats out here in blogland - no doubt they're all fainting right about now!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Katie Isabella sa...

Charlie you are so absolutely falling down handsome to the millionth degree, You make me feel all fainty! I bet the man cats get fainty looking at you.

You are one gorgeous hunks cat!

Gunilla och Frasse sa...

Vilket äventyr den stormen blev för er, Kjelle! Men visst är det skönt att man har ett hem att ta skydd i när naturens krafter visar sin makt. Hoppas strömmen har kommit igång nu!
Tack för fina, stöttande jam i vår blogg <3
Kramar och klappar

A Tonl sa...

Dood, ya gotta come with CAUTION labels when you flash those blues!!

Is power restored now?

Timmy Tomcat sa...

Glad you and the family are ok Kjelle.
Can you lay off those handsome Man Cat photos. Us regular cats don't stand a chance with the ladies.

Jans Funny Farm sa...

Oh, those blue eyes. I could faint.


Well, we guys aren't going to faint, so we'd like to say we're glad you are safe after such a bad storm.

Cathy Keisha sa...

*Faint* That must have been a bad storm. Glad it didn't wash your blue eyes away.

Clooney sa...

Ooops, my Human did faint from those blues of yours and your toesies! Glad that everything ended up being ok after that bad storm and good thing you got that big couch for sure!