söndag 20 december 2015

Hopplösaste matten nånsin och Söndags Selfies / THE most hopeless mom-person EVER and Sunday Selfies

Vår matte måste vara den hopplösaste matten 
på hela jorden *suck*
Vet inte hur vi ska göra för att få henne 
att hjälpa oss med bloggen istället för att göra en
massa andra onödiga saker ??!!
Our mom-person most be THE most hopeless
mom-person on the whole wide world *sigh*
We have NO idea how we shall manege to 
make her help us with the blog instead of doing 
lot´s of nonsen stuff ??!!

Hon har bakat glutenfria pepparkakor.
Man kan ju fråga sig varför hon gjorde det ??
Varken jag eller hunden kan ju äta dom !!
She have baked Gluten Free Ginger snaps.
Don´t ask us why she did that ??
Neither I or the dog can eat them !!

Sen har hon gjort inkokta clementiner.
Vi undrar samma om dom = Varför ??
Vi kan inte äta dom heller !!
Then she have made poached clementines.
We have the same question on them = Why ??
We can´t eat them either !!

Hon har så klart hunnit med att jobba måndag , tisdag och 
onsdag också.
She have of course worked monday , tuesday and 
wednesday too.

Vi blev så klart glada när ingen klocka ringde klockan 06:00
på torsdagen och tänkte att nu , nu ska matte äntligen 
hjälpa oss med bloggen !
Men tji fick vi för matte åkte med sin kompis 
till Göteborg *suck*
We was very happy when the alarm didn´t sound at 06:00
on the thursday and thought that finally shall 
the mom-person help us with the blog !
But the hopeless mom-person whent with her friend to Gothenburg *sigh*

Detta är deras hotellrum och utsikt så ni förstår ju att dom 
sov över i det där Göteborg också.
This is their hotelroom and view so now you understand their 
stay in Gothenburg was over the night *sigh*

Dom gick runt i mysiga stadsdelen Haga 
They strolled around in cosy Haga 

Åt jättegod middag på en vegetarisk restaurang som hette Solrosen.
Ate super jummy vegetarian food at a restaurant called 
The Sunflower.

Givetvis så fikade dom också :)
And of course they had fika too :)

På kvällen så var dom på Draken och såg på Sveriges Historia
med Måns Möller och Özz Nujen.
Givetvis så satt dom på första raden och skämde ut sig 
när dom skrattade så dom grät i nästan 2 timmar.
BÄSTA showen dom sett på år och dar !
In the evening they was at the show Swedens History with 
the stand-up comedians Måns Möller and Özz Nujen.
They of course sat on the front row and made fools 
of them self when they laughed so they cried 
for almost TWO hours.
It was THE BEST show they have seen in years !

På fredagen så åt dom smaskig frukost på hotellet 
och travade runt i flera affärer innan dom var tvungna 
att hämta bilen i hotell garaget. Man kan ju lätt tro 
att dom körde direkt hem , men INTE då !
Då skulle det ju så klart åkas inom 
Free Port i Kungsbacka också *dubbel suck*
On the friday morning they had jummy breakfast at 
the hotel and then they walked around in more shops 
until they had to get the car from the hotell garage.
You could easily belive that they drove straight home !
They didn´t !!
They drove to the outlet Free Port in Kungsbacka on the way home *double sigh*

Där dom givetvis fikade också !
There they of course had another fika !

Man hade ju hoppats på att hon åtminstone skulle stanna 
hemma på lördagen men NÄÄÄ , då skulle det åkas 
in till stan också *drar av mig pälsen*
You could have hoped that she would stay home all saturday , 
but NOOOO she when´t in to town *pulling my fur of*

Så jag antar att ni för länge sedan har räknat ut att det 
kommer att visas "gamla" selfies idag :)
So I guess you a long time ago have guessed that 
we today will show you "old" selfies :)

Glöm inte att besöka ...
Don´t forget to visit ...

Trevlig söndag på er allihopa !
Wish you all a nice sunday !

35 kommentarer:

Mariodacat sa...

WOW, we love your selfie. Also love your new doggie pal. He is so cute. Sounds like your humans had a nice time on their overnight trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Annie Bear sa...

Charlie, your mom-person is always doing fun things (the lady said that, not me!). Your selfies here are so good that we don't mind seeming them again and even again. These are really great shots!

Brian sa...

Well you have to say your Mom always has a fun time!!!


Oh my your Mom certainly had a great time!
Lovely selfies.
Happy Sunday!
Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Mr Jinx

Kattson sa...

Och allt det här istället för att vara hemma hos dig? Vad håller matte på med?

Dui och Deco sa...

Visst är det märkligt att de kommer på att det är så mycket som måste göras, vad kan vara viktigare än att vara hemma med sin älskade pälsklingar? Nosbuffar

Katie Isabella sa...

OH I wish I could snuggle you and Conrad but I know my mom would love to have been along with your parents! YUM!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise sa...

Oh you POOR, abandoned darlings! That is terrible! It is clear you must send your Mom Person for training!

Purrs and woofs,
The Chans and Tommy

The Indulged Furries sa...

Looks like your mom had another fun adventure.
You look handsome as always but you can tell that's a puppy selfie of Conrad. He must be 5 times bigger now!

Summer sa...

What's this about your human having so much fun without you?!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Your mum packed a lot into her time away. I hope she brought you home a peace offering.

Harvey Button sa...

* whispers *

I hope your Mum had a lovely trip!!! It looks a lovely city (and my mum cheered the shopping on too!)


The Swiss Cats sa...

Oh no, you were abandoned ! And while you were all alone, your mom had great time ! Again ! She really needs to be trained seriously. Purrs

Anonym sa...

That kind of busy looks fun! Cutie pictures of you both!

Anonym sa...

That kind of busy looks fun! The picturs are great, too.

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie sa...

Seriouslies, Charlie, you're like, the most mistreated kitty EVER!!!

Anonym sa...

Yur Mumma sure has been busy there Charlie Rascal an Conrad! Mee LadyMum was out an about inn Novemburr an then shee blew out her knee. Now mee sad shee iss inn pain BUTT mee iss glad shee iss stayin home an not gallyvantin....
An wha tiss it about cookies an clementiness an Hu'manss??? Mew mew mew.....
Now if they were katnip baked treetsss......mmmmmm.....
Wishin all of youss' a BERRY Merry Katmass!
**nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry an ((hugsss)) LadyMum xxxxx

Mariodacat sa...

You have the most beautiful face and eyes pal. And that puppy of yours is sooooooo cute. M wants to puppynap him and you and have you both live with us. Sigh, unfortunately, she's more useless than your human I'm afraid.

pilch92 sa...

Very nice selfies. I don't know why your Mom would cook anything if you can't have it- what is the point? :) I am glad they had a good time.

Laila and Angel Minchie sa...

We are hoping your mom brought you both back some special treats. Great selfies!

Aamor sa...

En nöjd matte ger nöjda pälsklingar, ja ja jag vet men det kör min matte med så jag får väl tro henne men vete tusan, hihi!
Var ju ändå bra att de hade så kul och åt så mycket och sparade med smakbitar med hem till er för det gjorde hon väl ;-)
Gamla selfies är också fina!


Anonym sa...

I think your mom did have a good and healthy time, but I'm sure you two will have the best when she returns...hopefully with lots of treats :) Pawkisses for a wonderful Christmastime :) <3

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) sa...

This was the best holiday post! Good Yule!

LP sa...

Your Mama sure knows how to have fun! And the shop windows look so lovely and festive! And Conrad...we know you are way bigger now than that selfie photo shows! ;p

Our Mama would like to get that gluten free cookie recipe! She has celiacs disease (diagnosed as a child) so she can't eat gluten and she loves ginger cookies!

the critters in the cottage xo

meowmeowmans sa...

Your Mom's been having lots of fun, Kjelle. We hope she brought you and Conrad something nice!

Cathy Keisha sa...

If I lived with you, I’d never go out. TW deserted me today and spent all day with her BFF in NYC visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Mimmi sa...

Nä men det där är verkligen upprörande!
Så där får mattar faktiskt inte bete sig!
Dags att sätta tassen ned ordentligt!
Min matte ska vara kattvakt igen över julen (förutom att jobba också). Det innebär att hon försvinner långa stunder och kommer hem full med främmande lukt och katthår. Hon tar då verkligen varje tillfälle i akt till att vara otrogen... Morr...

CATachresis sa...

Oh Charlie! The human having a good time away from you is just not on!! I think a well placed hairball in a shoe might be in order here!!

Katten Gustav sa...

Tassar förbi bara för att önska dig och din familj en riktig fin och god jul på alla sätt! Hoppas du får se din hopplösa matte nånting! ;-D

Noodle Cat sa...

Such lovely selfies!
We hope you have a wonderful holiday season...

Noodle and crew

Mr Puddy sa...

Hello !!!
Meow Merry Christmas to you and your fameowly
I hope you and your fameowly have a great time

Deb Barnes sa...

Holiday wishes to you and yours on this blessed and beautiful day from all of us at Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles.

Sweet Purrfections sa...

Merry Christmas from Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula.

The Florida Furkids sa...

Merry Christmas!!!

The Florida Furkids

Colehaus Cats sa...

YUMS! And nothing wrong with old selfies. Meowy Christmas to you all! Have a wonderful day!