söndag 17 januari 2016

Söndags Selfies och hopplös matte... / Sunday Selfie´s and hopeless mom-person...

Glöm inte att besöka ...
Don´t forget to visit ...

Jag ser en ...
I spy a ...

Har det trååååkigt ...
Being boooored ...

Matte som är ledig hon kan minsann roa sig *suck*
But the mom-person who is free , she knows 
how to have fun (as usual) *sighs*

Igår var hon och en kompis och käkade lunch 
Café Ekodeko och sen shoppade dom lite 
Patriks Prylar som ligger vägg i vägg :)
Yesterday she and a friend when´t out for 
lunch at Café Ekodeko and some shopping 
at Patriks Gadgets  who is next door.

och som om inte det skulle vara nog så var dom sedan på 
den utsålda konserten Flykten valde oss , med 
diverse olika lokala artister. 
Man fick betala 
minst 100 kr i inträde men gärna mer för alla intäkterna 
gick till UNHCR :)
and as if that wasn´t enough they when´t on the 
sold out concert 
The escape chose us , with various local artist´s.
You had to pay at least 11$ or gladly more for your ticket
since all the money was raised to UNHCR :)

Gissar att ingen av er trodde att hon skulle hålla sig hemma idag ??
Och det var en alldeles rätt gissning !!
I guess that non of you think´s that she have been 
home all day today ??
And that was a absolutely correct guess !!

Hon förälskade sig visst i dom här barstolarna igår.
Hur man nu kan bli kär i ett par barstolar ??
Så dom åkte hon iväg och köpte idag och nu ska 
det "bara" letas upp ett perfekt barbord till dom också *suckar*
She fell in love with this bar stools yesterday. 
How one can now fall in love with a couple of bar stools 
is to me a riddle ??
So today of she went and bought them 
and now the "only" problem is to find 
THE perfect bar table to match them *sighs*

Det snöade lite igår igen så nu är det åter vitt på marken 
och imorse hade vi -16C.
Kan jama att jag är rätt glad att jag slipper gå ut 
med matte och Conrad :)
Yesterday we got some snow again so now it´s white 
on the ground again and this morning it was 3,2 F.
I´m pretty glad I don´t have to go on any walks with 
the mom-person and Conrad :)

Trevlig söndag kväll på er allihopa !
Have a nice sunday evening every one !

21 kommentarer:

The Daily Pip sa...

I love your selfies! Happy Sunday.

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Conrad does look very bored, but that is a lovely selfie of you. My mum likes those bar stools too.

A Tonl sa...

Lovely selfies as usual. Poor Conrad, so bored! MOL!

Anonym sa...

Mee-you Charlie Rascal good lookin selfie there an Conrad yur so funny with that sad sacky face of yurss!!! mew mew mew....
Mee glad mee not a doggie either Charlie; wee has 4 FEET of snow an more comin down tonite!!!!
LadyMum sayss thee bar stoolss are berry kewl.....
***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

Anonym sa...

Charlie Rascal, your selfie makes me swoon. Conrad is cute and Mommy loves the bicycle stools!
Special Nellie Kisses
from your Nellie Bellie
(@ Mommy's Blog)

Lola The Rescued Cat sa...

Very nice selfies. Your mom had a busy day!

Brian's Home Blog sa...

That's a great photo of you Charlie and yes, Conrad does look a bit bored. Those bar stools are pretty funny!

Furries sa...

Ooh, my dad would like those stools. He's an avid bicyclist.

Noodle Cat sa...

Such super selfies!
Have a great Sunday...

Noodle and crew

The Florida Furkids sa...

You always have great selfies!!

The Florida Furkids

meowmeowmans sa...

Those are some great selfies, Charlie and Conrad! Mom's new barstools are cool. Maybe the bar table will have bicycle wheels for legs. :)

Marty the Manx sa...

Wonderful Selfies today Kjelle Bus! We are glad you don't have to go for any walks either! Our Mom likes those bar stools also.

Summer sa...

Well... better for her to bring home barstools than another family member!

Lone Star Cats sa...

Great selfies y'all!

Katten Gustav sa...

Din matte kanske är hopplös, men väldigt fina bilder tar hon i alla fall! :-)

BeadedTail sa...

Those are great selfies! We like the barstools too! Looks like your mom has been having lots of good times!

Kattson sa...

Har matte frågat dig vad du tycker om stolarna? Är de i bekväm hopphöjd? Sitter du bra på dom. Går de att sova på etc?

CATachresis sa...

I love your selfies, Charlie!! The Staff has fallen in love with the bar stools too! Humans are very strange!!!

Dash Kitten Crew sa...

Your Selfie's are delightful AND tell Mum we absolutely LOVE the stools!!

Anonym sa...

Your selfies are so beautiful, Kjelle Bus and Conrad, not bored at all :D Pawkisses :) <3

Katie Isabella sa...

Our bored faces make our mom's want to coop you up and give you kisses!!! Andy mom loves seeing what your mom person likes to shop for. xoxo