tisdag 22 februari 2011

Cats on Tuesday


Click on the picture and visit Gattina and her cats :)

12 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

What a pretty kitty! You look like you are having so much fun with your toy. Happy COT!

Dui och Deco sa...

Fina bilder! Blev lite oroliga att det inte fanns något godis utan bara luktade gott. NOsbuff

We love LUNA sa...

Bonjour sweetie!
Hmmm I'm also curious about this toy, the smell is good!
I think it's time for some treat and cookies! :)
And then a good nap!
purrs and love

Barbara sa...

Well done for getting those treats out, my cats aren't patient enough to use one of those balls!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris sa...

It's nice that you are interested in the little ball with the treats inside. My two very lazy boys won't have a thing to do with their treat ball.
We hope you got something delicious out of yours.

Ellen Whyte sa...

We saw one of these for dgos; nice to see a cat toy like this!

Au is eating 3 times as much as he was on Monday. This FIV miracle drug he's testing seems to be working. We're over the moon!

Us4 Cats sa...

wow! cool toy. tuna candy?! high paw to that : }

Frasse sa...

Wow, jag blir imponerad av dina internationella konkattker! Måste vara väldigt givande, de lever kanske helt annorlunda än vi. Fast kanske inte ändå :-)
Ball boll, liksom Dui och Deco hoppas jag att de ljuva dofterna höll vad de lovade!

Findus, Isak och Rasmus sa...

Visst är det bra att få godis, men varför måste matte gömma den först? Sådär gör vår matte också ibland. Kurr och burr.

Mimmi, Chicko, Tarzan, Sessan sa...

vet du vad, Kjellebus
vet inte om du känner till denna videosnutt på youTube:
Hoppas detta fungerar:

helt underbar katt som spelar piano.
vi och matte blir helt varm om hjärtat när vi ser detta, mjau
visst är det sött.

Mimmi, Chicko, Tarzan, Sessan

Mimmi, Chicko, Tazan, Sessan sa...

kom det fram måtro?
vi han inte skriva adressen klart innan det gick iväg, *SUCK*
Tassen igen på dig du fina katt.

Mimmi, Chicko, Tazan, Sessan

Marie sa...

What a good job you did getting to the treats! My kitties would either be too lazy or insulted at the very idea that they might have to "work" for a treat :-)

MacKayla the Empress would love to have you come visit her -- she's very excited about having her own post for Cats on Tuesday at long last :-)