tisdag 21 februari 2012

Cats On Tuesday

Yay ! , it´s tuesday and time for me to blog in english 
and for you to turn off the translator :)

 Today it´s Mardi Gras , so I have 
been told by my American furiends.
 The best place to celebrate this is in New Orleans :)

Apparantly you shall party 

 watch the parade

 and collect beads

 Of course my mom have been taken humiliating
 photos on me wearing beads around my neck :(

 Mom , I don´t think this will help me look 
moore masculine AT ALL ! 
No wonder that GloGirly think´s I look like a girl *sigh*


Oooooooh I´M a MANCAT !!!

 I think that Fat Tuesday that we are celebrating in Sweden is much better than Mardi Gras because you don´t have to wear any beads !
Instead you eat a lot of this yummy buns with almondpaste and a lot of whipped cream  :)

Don´t forget to visit Gattina and her cat´s 

22 kommentarer:

Hjulia huller om buller sa...

Det är klart bättre med semlor än med en massa halsband ;-)
It's mutch better with buns, almondpaste and lots of whipped cream, than beads! Nomnomnom!!!



Seville at Nerissa's Life sa...

You gotta get those beads off. They're pretty and all, I know, but you're a handsome boy. You don't need beads to look good. The peep says those buns look delicious.

Findus, Isak och Rasmus sa...

Grädden är godast på semlorna! *slick* Mardi Gras betyder ju just fettisdag, men det här med pärlorna var nytt för oss.. ehum, menar matte. Tips: Om pärlorna mot förmodan, helt oförklarligt, skulle lossna från halsbandet är de säkert skojiga att jaga. :) Kurr och burr.

Dui och Deco sa...

Tänk vad man får stå ut med! Temlor är mums, särskilt grädden! Nosbuff


We MOL'd at your comment about us. hehe!
We can't WAIT for your Real Housecats submissions. : ) Glogirly's working on some ideas and she might need a little pronunciation help. We now know that Kjelle is pronounced like Shell in English. We think that Bus is pronounced like Bews...bew rhyming with few or mew...and then a hiss-like s, not a z-sounding s. We can't think of any words in English that have that combination. Except maybe the actor Gary Busey minus the ey! Are we right? And then, when you say Kjelle Bus together, which word is accented or emphasized? The Kjelle or the Bus? I sure hope your English is as good as we think it is....otherwise you won't know WHAT we're talking about!
: ) Glogirly & Katie

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Oh my goodness. We'll like to celebrate Fat Tuesday in Sweden too!
WE think you look masculine, even with beads on. Heehee.

Cindy Adkins sa...

MOL! MOL!! We sure are glad our Mom didn't try that with us!! But we would like one of those buns with extra whipped cream, please!!
Buster, Sam, Rudy and Mom Cindy

AnneSofie sa...

Mumsiga semlor hörru. Men jag hade inte sett dina fina muslingar som du fått från AmeriKATT. AVUNDSJUK!

Katnip Lounge sa...

Oh, Mommy says she wants some of those buns! Kitty AND pastry!

Katten Lisa sa...

Men snälla Kjelle, HUR spökar matte ut dig? Finns det inga gränser? Hoppas verkligen du fick en rejäl slick grädde som kompensation för tokigheterna!

The Island Cats sa...

Oh we think you look pretty good with those beads! We are wearing our beads too! They are fun to play with!!

Happy Mardi Gras!! Happy Fat Tuesday!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Those buns look delicious! We saw Katie and Glogirly's comment and we have been pronouncing your name wrong all this time. We have been calling you "Kelly Boose". The beads look pretty, but we would like to know what a mancat did to collect them;

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal sa...

NO you don´t wan´t to know what i did to get those beads ;-)

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal sa...

My second name Bus do sounds moore like Busey minus the ey than Bews :)
Mostly mom and dad just calls me Kjell , when I´m a naughty boy they call me Kjelle Bus since Bus means rascal :)
I guess they then emphasize Bus ;-)

The Florida Furkids sa...

Beads can be ManCatly!! We think you look very handsome in them. Mom wants some of that nommy looking treat!!

We've been pronouncing your name Kelly Bus. Guess we were wrong too!!

The Florida Furkids

Katie Isabella sa...

My momma WAS going to put Mardi Gras beads on me but I ran away every time she got them out!! xoxoxox What a treat to see the English. But I ready with the translator for next time. xox

meowmeowmans sa...

We think you look great in your beads, Kjelle! Happy Mardi Gras! Happy Fat Tuesday! :)

Oui Oui sa...

We have King Cake for Mardi Gras. It has a token in it (usually a tiny baby) and whoever gets the baby becomes Mardi Gras King or Queen. They have many honors and are considered lucky people. Then next year, the King or Queen (usually there's both) supply the King Cake and host the party. We have pictures of our Mardi Gras masks on our blog (New Orleans is one of the Mom's favorite places!). Next year the mom might have to have the kitties wear beads. Hee, hee, hee!

Gattina sa...

I think you would make an excellent advertising for pearl necklaces ! female or male, female women don't care about the sex of a cat !
I used to celebrate carneval in Bonn or Köln, which to me is the best in the world !

Carina Sjölund sa...

Å vad gott med semlor :)
Jag fick inte en en liten gräddklick av min matte igår :(
Visst var hon snål?!
Men du är fantastiskt vacker i ditt halsband :)
Kramen från Izor♥

CATachresis sa...

Kjelle Bus you look like a hippy!! Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday here in UK, when we eat yummy pancakes! No beads here lol

Frasse sa...

Vem kunde ana att du skulle klä så bra i pärlor, Kjelle! En fin kontrast med de blänkande sakerna i din fluffiga päls.
De där semlorna (eller fastlagsbullar som vi skåningar jamar) skulle man gärna sätta både klor och tänder i :-)