tisdag 10 juli 2012

Many kinds of Tuesday


 it´s Tuna Tuesday 

and it´s Toesies Tuesday :)

and then I have received another blogaward ,
This one is from Austin at CATachresis 
Thank you sooo much !

I´m suppose to tell you a Illuminating story about my self.
But I do this easy for me and just show you some pictures of my Illuminating blue eyes :)

OK , Lady´s is  efurrybody done with 
the screaming and fainting ??!!
Then I put my glasses on again and 
announce to who´m I send this blog award to :)

I send it to :
Pookie , Arthur , Rosie and Kim at 
My Cats And Funny Stories 

Laila and Minchie at

Selina at
One Eye On The Future

Amanda and Smulan at 
Hjulia Huller om Buller

Ling , Cosmo , Curly and Pok - Whisky and Loopy - Bernie , Boomer , Coco , Felix and Meow Me and Tutu at 
The Furries of Whisppy

Tama-Chan , Sei-Chan , Bibi-Chan , Genji and Tommy at
The Poupounette

Wish you all a PAWsome tuesday !

32 kommentarer:

Gattina sa...

Don't hide your beautiful blue eyes with these ugly dark glasses ! You make me sing "Blue eyes" lalala !
Pink toesies are too cute ! Arthur doesn't keep them pink for very long, then they become black ;)!

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Such wonderful photos, truly! Congratulations on your award! :-)

Dui och Deco sa...

Du är ju sååå snygg! Grattis till Awarden! Nosbuff

Sharon Wagner sa...

What beautiful blue eyes. Congrats on the award!

Anonym sa...

Hi Cahrlie Rascal, Savannah here. I would like to follow your blog Can you add a button on your blog page that allows me to "follow by email"?? I don't use the reader and that iss how I miss your regular posts. I hope you can do this. Let me know please. Paw pats, Savannah

Anonym sa...

WOW! Snygging! Grattis till Awarden!

Hjulia huller om buller sa...

Thank's Kjelle Bus for the nice Award!
Your eyes are gorgeous!We can almost drowning in them...



Selina sa...


Wow, thank you so much for the award!!! And you DO have gorgeous eyes!

Now, do we pass this along to other blogs, too, or ... ?? MomKatt doesn't quite know what to do about these things ... MOL

Please let me know & thank you again!


Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal sa...

Hi Selina and your mom !
You are suppose to tell and Illuminating story about yourself , but I didn´t :)
I cut the corners with my illuminating blue eyes ;-)
So it´s OK if you cut the corners too :)
Then it´s up to you if you wan´t to pass it along to other favorite blogs or if you just let whom ever want´s it to grab it at your blog.

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Oh wow! Thank you for awarding us with the Illuminating Blogger Award! :)
You have such beautiful blue eyes...just beautiful.

Marg sa...

Wow, look at those gorgeous eyes. They really are illuminating. Those are some great pictures. And Congrats on winning the award. That is terrific.

Katie Isabella sa...

Your eyes are really THE most beautiful mom and I have seen. What a pleasure to see them in your beautiful face up so close. xoxoxo

Sparkle sa...

Concatulations on your award! BTW, do you do anything special to get your toes so shiny?

Pernille sa...

Heisann Kjelle Bus, grattis med din blogaward. Nå skal du få en til fra meg: Blog on fire award. Tar du en titt i bloggen min kan du hente den der.
Nydelige bilder av deg Kjelle:-)
Kram fra Pernille

BeadedTail sa...

You have such gorgeous eyes and lots of feets! :)

The Florida Furkids sa...

We're swooning over those beautiful eyes!!!

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

CATachresis sa...

Kjelle Bus you almost had Austin screaming and fainting here!!! In a mancat sort of way, of course! You have illuminated yourself ina most attractive way xox

LP sa...

Congratulations on the award Kjelle!
And we DID faint at the sight of your luminous blue eyes!

the critters in The Cottage xo

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

You have beautiful blue eyes Kjelle. Concats on your award.

Kattfamiljen sa...

UNDERBART söt bild när du biter dig själv i tårna hihi


So are you trying to melt my heart, make me weak in my kitty knees, or what!?!?! Charlie Rascal, I don't think you could be MORE handsome. And your mom...well she knows how to make magic with her camera.

Oui Oui sa...

Concats on yet another well deserved award! Your eyes and whiskers are stunning!

Libra sa...

Wow! Dom där vackra blå ögonen kan göra vem som helst yr av lycka.
Vi tror att vår matte är lite kär i dig! *fniss*
Grattis till awarden!

Hannah and Lucy sa...

Concats on your award Kjelle and may we add you have very lovely eyes.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

meowmeowmans sa...

Hi Kjelle,

Tuna and Toesies are two of our favorite things! And we love your illuminating blue eyes, too. :) Concatulations on your great award!


A Tonk's Tail sa...

Allie: BLUE EYES!!! :::faint::::

Sigge Svamphund sa...

En undran Kjelle.
Har ni katter problem med att hålla ordning på era tassar?
Mina brukar också hålla fast sina ben. Jag som hund har ju inte alls de behoven

Vi i Kasperian sa...

Oj, såna vackra, vackra ögon - jag önskar att du vore en hund och att du bodde HÄR!!! :D
Men det gör du ju inte... :(
Fast jag kan beundra dina ögon här på bloggen förstås - och så ska jag fråga mina katter varför deras ögon är gröna i stället för blå!!! ;)

Unknown sa...

Grattis till den fina Awarden. Tazz&Kram

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal sa...

I shall see if my mom can manage to fix that :)

Old Kitty sa...

Sweet and most beautiful Kjelle Bus!! Me and Charlie just popped by to say hello to you! You are truly beautiful and adorable! Unfortunately our google translator is not working but we are totally mesmerised by your beautiful pics!! Yay! Take care

dobson sa...

I love the closeups of those eyes!