fredag 28 februari 2014

Lost in Spaace 2

Jag tänkte att när jag kommer hem från min resa till Månen imorgon  , så kanske jag skulle trycka upp några fina idolbilder på 
mig som Astronaut ?!
I was thinking when I come home from my Moon trip tomorrow  , maybe I should print some nice idol photo´s with 
me as a Astronaut ?!

Min matte är lite orolig över att jag ska tjata lika mycket 
om att jag varit ute i rymden som Howard Wolowitz i 
The Big Bang Theory 
gjorde när han varit ute i rymden :)
My mom-person is a little bit worried that I will go on and on 
about my spacetrip like Howard Wolowitz did in Big Bang Theory 
when he came home from his spacetrip :)

Eller än värre som Buzz Aldrin när han delar ut godis 
på Halloween ;-)
Or even worse , like Buzz Aldrin giving candy at Halloween ;-)

Ett STORT TACK till Sammy som ordnade denna 
fanKATTiska resa till Månen A BIG THANK YOU to Sammy who organized this 
pawsome trip to the Moon !

Här är en gruppbild på alla oss som är med på resan , precis innan 
This is a group picture on all of us , right before take of.

Trevlig helg på er allihopa !
Nice weekend to you all !

21 kommentarer:

Jans Funny Farm sa...

You look great in your spacesuit, Kjelle. We didn't realize there were so many on the trip until we saw all of you in one photo.

John Bellen sa...

Good Heavens, look at all the pet astronauts - not just cats!

I want to thank you for your comments on Bear-Bear's passing. They were much appreciated. I will always miss him, but it helps knowing others knew him, if only through his stories.

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Your trip to the moon certainly has been quite the fantastic adventure! You could go on the talk shows now, you'll be a celebrity. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

CATachresis sa...

Here I am popping by on my moonmobile!! We are having a great time. Will be sorry when it is over !!

Katten Gustav sa...

Men har du inte kommit ner än?? Dina människor måste vara hur nervösa som helst!
Fast ni ser imponerande tuffa ut i era dräkter, det måste medges!

Life with Ragdolls sa...

Lol, how cute?!

Aamor sa...

Lite får man tjata att man varit i rymden men inte få in det i varje mening som Howard W lyckades ;-)


The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Hahaha! Mommy and Daddy were just watching the Big Bang Theory where Howard got a call from NASA asking him to go to the Space Station again. What good timing! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, Kjelle Bus!

Mollie sa...

I'll have a photo for my wall MOL.. Oh we love the Big Bang.xxxoxxxx

Mollie and Alfie

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

That is a very exciting adventure for all of you. Your pin up picture is very handsome.

da tabbies o trout towne sa...

dood...yur space clothin iz rockin kewl !!! enjoy yur moon night...we will stay up til 4:13 am N we will wave two ewe at that time tho we dunno what time on de moon it will bee :) hope ewe haza one fish two fish red fish blue fish kinda week oh end !!

Vi i Kasperian sa...

En sån fantastisk samling rymdisar!! Kan ser er framför mig allihop, som tyngdlösa, hihihi...
En sån kattröra, rumlande omkring för att fånga maten, där i kapseln! Hihi, maten rumlade förstås också runt...

Kitties Blue sa...

We are all pretty sad 'cause none of us made it into that group photo. Mom is pretty grumpy 'cause some how she missed that episode of Big Bang, her very favorite TV program. Thank you for sharing some of it. The Moon really is great. We are having a super time, especially celebrating Lily Olivia's Purrday. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Brian's Home Blog sa...

You are looking great Charlie! Bring us back some moon beams!

Alice sa...

Oj vad många ni är och vad tuffa ni ser ut! Men vi tycker nog att du skall komma hem nu och få fast mark under tassarna.

Donna sa...

I hope you enjoyed your trip! :)

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur sa...

You are a very good looking astronaut!

Clooney sa...

Wow, cool group pic of you all!

A Tonk's Tail sa...

BWAA-HA-HAA! We love Big Bang Theory too!!

Unknown sa...

Bwaa! haa! Haa! Wes saw that episode this week!
Mommy has said if mes mentions the Moon one more time, she is going to send mes there permanently!

Anonym sa...

What a fine trip it was. So funny Buzz Aldrin! MOL
I see you right up front in that photo. I was a bit late as my rocket pack needed work but we had some fun.