torsdag 24 juli 2014

Tacksam torsdag / Thankful thursday

Jag är glad över att min matte vann budgivningen 
på den fina akvarellen som Wikki hade i sin 
sommarauktion till förmån för Snuffe Fonden.
I´m glad that my mom-person won the biding on the 
beutiful watercolor in Wikkis summer auction 
for Snuffe Fonden.

Ska jag vara ärlig så var jag nog gladast över dom goda 
stickisarna som Wikki skickat med :)
Maybe I shall be honest and tell you that I was most 
glad over the jummy treats that Wikki sent to me :)

Här är fortfarande så där äckelvarmt på dagarna 
( +30 C i skuggan) , så 
jag är tacksam över att min matte tar ut mig på promenad 
på kvällarna.
It´s still HOT HOT HOT over here  (+30 C/86 Fin the shade ) , so 
I´m thankful that my mom-person takes me out 
on walks in the evening.

Så att jag kan gå på grod jakt :)
So I can go on frog hunt :)

Fångat en !!
Nej jag äter dom INTE , jag är inte fransman ;-)
Got one !!
NO I don´d eat them , I´m not french ;-)

Trevlig torsdag på er allihopa !
Wish you all a nice thursday !

30 kommentarer:

Katie Isabella sa...

OH Charlie, that last comment got mommy to laughing a lot! No, you are definitely not French. And you look so handsome out there walking and catching froggies!

Hannah and Lucy sa...

What a pretty picture your Mom won. It is very hot here too and we are spending lots of time sleeping. Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Anonym sa...

Grattis till den fina vinsten för förmån för snuffefonden - bra!
Härligt att få tassa ute om kvällen/Nospuss

Donna sa...

I like frogs!

Mariodacat sa...

ha ha you made us giggle over your comment about not eating frog legs. he he I not eat them either. Glad you get out for a walkie pal - it's nice to be outside in the cool grass and weeds.

Mariodacat sa...

i couldn't get my previous comment to hold, so will try again. You made us laugh so hard over your statement about the frog legs. We're still laughing. That is a great painting you have there too. My human D does painting in oils, and we appreciate the work of other artists.

Sweet Purrfections sa...

The artwork is beautiful but we agree the treats would be the best.

Sparkle sa...

Mmmm, those meat sticks look tasty!

Anonym sa...

Frogs are fun to poke and play with - I wouldn't eat one either - they make fun friends!

Hugs, Sammy

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren sa...

what wonderful auction prizes!!! Enjoy and try to remain cool!

Kitties Blue sa...

That is a very adorable painting, but we know we would like the treats better as well. So happy you are not missing your walks. You cracked us up when you said you weren't French. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

The Swiss Cats sa...

That's really hot ! It's nice of your mom to have a walk with you on evening ! Purrs

Brian's Home Blog sa...

I hope you have a fantastic froggy day Charlie!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

That is a cute picture that your mum won. The treats look good too. It is very hot and humid here as well.

Just Mags sa...

Congratulations to your mom on the win...very nice! Congratulations to you sweet Kjelle on getting some yummy treats. Sorry about all that heat. You sure look sweet taking your evening walk, you are just so beautiful. Hugs and nose kisses

Anonym sa...

Hey little cutie pie! We love those pictures of you! So cute! :-) xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

BeadedTail sa...

Concats to your mom for winning the cool goodies! The watercolor is cute! Hope you stay cool but at least you still get to enjoy your walks!

CATachresis sa...

Mum thinks the picture is lovely, Charlie! me! I like the treats too! It's hot here too!

da tabbies o trout towne sa...

dood...happee thurzday two ewe az well...we hope de weatherz improves coz yes 86 iz even two hot ta due any fishin...frank lee 86 iz two hot ta due anything but chillax ina tub oh ice cold flounder !!! happee day N way kewl prized ewe winned !! ♥♥

Vi i Kasperian sa...

Ha - bara +30!
Tycker du ska kika på min blogg!!!
Vi lever också upp på kvällarna, jag, matte och katterna. Ingen aktivitet alls på dagarna, i och kring mitt hus.
Gott godis du fick! :)
Kasper med flock

A Tonl sa...

We laffed at your "I'm not French!"

We'd like the treats better ourselves, too!

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Just make sure it's a frog and not a toad, Kjelle Bus! ;)

Purrfect Haven sa...

we love to see you out and about... with your super harness. Love Helen, Bingley and Darcy xxx

Aamor sa...

Vilken fin tavla men jag hade nog också uppskattat godiset mest, hihi!
Det är skönast på kvällen för på dagen är det verkligen varmt - pust och stön!


Kitty Cat Chronicles sa...

That watercolor painting is beautiful! Enjoy your walks - that looks like so much fun! You are brave for going outside like that. Sophie is the only one of us who likes to go out on the leash.

meowmeowmans sa...

Hi Kjelle! Congratulations to your Mom on having the winning auction bid. :)

And of course you don't eat the frogs. After all, you have those meat sticks! MOL!


Kattson sa...

JAg tror att grodor finns bara för att de ska fångas, inte ätas.

Marty the Manx sa...

Lovely watercolor :) Glad you are still getting out for walks Kjellebus! Looking wonderful as always!

Annie Bear sa...

What a nice picture your mom won, but the treats look the best!

How nice that you're still going on your walks. LOL on not being French!

Sushi sa...

Concatulations to your Mom on the win. Nope, no frogs here either.