fredag 31 juli 2015

Tacksam torsdag på en fredag nu igen :) / Thankful thursday on a friday , Again :)

Igår kväll släpade jag med matte ut på promenad :)
Yesterday evening I dragged my mom-person 
out for a walk :)

Gräset var extra frodigt nu efter allt regn vi
fått dom senaste dagarna .
Vilket jag var tacksam för som ni ser :)
The grass was extra jummy after all the rain 
we got the past day´s.
That I´m thankful for as you can see :)

Matte hittade en liten groda , 
den var bara en dryg centimeter lång :)
My mom-person found a small frog , 
it was just a half inch long :)

Sen är jag tacksam för att jag lyckades fånga 
den irriterande flugan också :)
Then I´m thankful for that I maneged to catch 
the anoying fly :)

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19 kommentarer:

Lone Star Cats sa...

Dat grass looks tasty!

Summer sa...

Your human caught a frog - and you just caught a fly? I'm thinking somekitty got cheated!

Hjulia huller om buller sa...

Du hade en del att vara tacksam för, fast det är fredag ;-)


Brian's Home Blog sa...

Great catch Charlie! Have a fun weekend my friend!

Kattson sa...

Bra att du fångade flugan där. Det r i alla fall nån nytta med allt regnande - gräset blir jättegott.

The Swiss Cats sa...

What a tiny frog ! We got rain too, but our grass is not as green and as beautiful as yours ! Purrs

BeadedTail sa...

That's a teeny tiny frog! The grass does look extra yummy! Happy Friday!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren sa...

Wow that sure was one big fly and you caught it? Well done, YOU!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Lush grass after the rain is extra tasty. A month or so ago my mum and dad went out for a walk with friends by a reservoir and saw literally hundreds of tiny frogs like that crossing from one side of a stream to the other. They had to be very careful not to step on them.

Deziz World sa...

Aaaaaw how sweet Charlie. Glad you had a gweat time on yous walk. Dat fwoggy sure is a cutey. But yous handsumness out shines him completely. Have a gweat day.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

da tabbies o trout towne sa...

dood...that grazz DOEZ look dee lish !!! we loves de eggs pression on yur face !! de fly lookz dee lish two...did ya getz ta eat it !! we hope de frog iz all rite...him looks kinda ...tired ~~~~

heerz two a central mudminnow kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥♥

Anonym sa...

Charlie that is the smallest frog I've EVER seen!!!!! Looks like you and your Mom-person had a very nice walk together.

Hugs, Sammy

pilch92 sa...

You always look so handsome. That is s tiny frog.

Unknown sa...

Most excellent thankfulness. Can yous send some of that rain so wes gets Yummy grass again?

Kitties Blue sa...

Did you help with the frog catching.That is so tiny. Our mom says she would need one of us to see that for her and call it to her attention. What a wonderful and amazing walk you had. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Deb Barnes sa...

That grass does look beautiful! We have been in a drought so our grass is crunchy when you step on it! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties

A Tonl sa...

MOWZERS! That frog is TINY!!

View From My Pram sa...

PepiSmartDog: you look so good on your walk, wearing your harness.
And what an interesting time you had too! :=o)
Thank you for being part of our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
Hope you will join us again this week because we always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you got up to.
*waves paw* :=o)

LP sa...

What a sweet frog! Did you feed it with a teen tiny bottle?! ;p

the critters in the cottage xo