tisdag 23 april 2013

Cats On Tuesday

As required here comes a post about the Sydkattens Catshow in english , so you all will understand what I´m miaowing about :)

This post is also participating in 
that Gattina and her cat´s host´s 

My mom went down to Malmoe on friday morning 
to help building up the Catshow.
Here is a whole gang of strong ladies 
that put up the Catshow cages :)
(My mom is the one with text on her t-shirt)
My mom say´s it´s best that I tell you that there was a bunch of strong men that helped building Catshow cages too :)

Here is the lottery table set for the Caturday´s Catshow.
You won a prize on every lottery ticket both on the Caturday and Sunday. The lottery table looked the same on the sunday :)

As you can see my mom did buy a bunch of lottery ticket´s :)

When my mom arrived 09:00 in the morning to the exhibition hall
it looked like this 

and in the evening it looked like this :)

The Prize table for the cat´s that was BIS = Best in Show 

Saturday morning 06:30 before all the cat´s and owners arrived through the doors :)

The veterinary checking-in table´s 

The cafeteria was crowded all day long on the saturday and it was the same on the sunday

What are you saying ??
Do you wan´t to see some cat´s ??!!

OK , here come´s one cute cat *mol*

A maine coon 
His name is Eta Thanos and his mom is a member 
in the catclub Sydkatten like my mom is.

a furry tired little Norwegian Forestcat 

My furriend Sören Fernström

a furry skinny and tall Oriental Shorthair 
and her owner is also a member in Sydkatten 

a Bengal cat 
Her name is Sessan and her owner`s  are too members in Sydkatten

a Persian called Rönnbäret´z Zöta Nikita 
her owner is also a member in Sydkatten

a cute little Abyssinian that of course my mom has forgotten the name on :(
She know´s that her owners name is Susanne though :) 

and finally what you all have been waiting for !
A picture on me :)
Here is Frasse´s mom Gunilla holding me.
She work´s as a reporter on Allas that is a weekly magazine 
and she have a blogg together with her cat Frasse.

How it went for me on the Catshow on the sunday ?!
I got my 8th CAGPIB so I took the titel 
Grand Internationell Premier 
and got a BIG BIG bow :)

My mom was and helped at the catshow friday and saturday and came home on satyrday evening and then she woke me up really early on the sunday morning and drove us down to Malmoe and yes she helped out at the catshow on the sunday too :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour on Sydkattens Catshow ?!

24 kommentarer:

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Congratulations on your BIG purple bow!
Eta's face is huge! And the Oriental has such looooong limbs!

Cherry City Kitties sa...

Thank you tons for sharing this great show and concatulations!
We try to read Gunilla and Frasse' blog sometimes, but you know how Google translate is! MOL
Sounds like you both had such fun!
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

Findus, Isak och Rasmus sa...

Vilket jobb att bygga upp allt till hela kattutställningen! Bra jobbat att det starka gänget! :) Härliga bilder på alla kissarna. Tänk att vi kissar kan se så olika ut - och alla är förstås jättevackra på sitt speciella sätt. Kurr och burr.

meowmeowmans sa...

ConCATulations on your big and beautiful bow, Kjelle! We are very proud of you!

How nice that your mom helped with setting up the show. It looks like hard work!

Fuzzy Tales sa...

HUGE congratulations to you and your mom, well done--a very successful weekend!

BeadedTail sa...

We're very proud of you for winning that ribbon! There sure were lots of kitties there! That was a lot of work setting it up so kudos to all those who helped set it up!

Sparkle sa...

Wow! Your human worked REALLY hard on that cat show! And you just had to look handsome, and you got a humungous ribbon! I wonder if she is a little bit envious?

Knatolee sa...

Looks like a great show! COngrats on the bow.

I like that Bengal cat too!

Sweet Purrfections sa...

Congratulations on your win!

We were very happy to see that beautiful Persian! Our mom has a soft spot for them.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur sa...

Well done you!! And what a handsome maine coon!

Marg sa...

That was such fun seeing all the cats and how they put the cat show together. Good stuff. And Congrats on your good win. Take care.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren sa...

your Mom looks like she is A LOT of fun and putting on one of those shows sure looks like A LOT of work!!!

Jacqueline sa...

Congratulations, gorgeous Kjelle Bus!...There were so many beautiful kitties at the cat show, but you stood out, sweetie...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

CATachresis sa...

My goodness, what a lot of hard work!! ConCats KB on the big purple award! Some very goodlooking kitties there, but of course you are the best! :)

Donna sa...

A wonderful show for all! :) Hooray kitties and people!

Just Mags sa...

Just look at all those beautiful cats. And Wow!! Lots of kitty food we see there too. Looks like a great time had by all. Hugs and nose kisses

Oui Oui sa...

Concats on your big win and big bow! What a lot of work, I never thought about that when at a cat show. I just enjoy the kitties, but I'll remember it next time. Bless your mom for helping. She must be exhausted when its all over.

Unknown sa...

Mes always wondered...thanks for sharing with us! It is so great yous has a STRONG Mommy!

Anonym sa...

Underbara foto & Grattis till Grand Internationell Premier,Kjelle Busis/Nospuss Annmi

Katie Isabella sa...

Concatulations on winning again you beautiful baby! And it was great fun and a beautiful sight to the eyes to see all of the cats you showed us, in the cat Show. Fanks you darling. xoxoxox

Gunilla och Frasse sa...

Lovely to meet you at the show, Kjelle! <3 And as always, your pictures are wonderful :-)
Hugs from us <3

Anonym sa...

Concats on the hugmongous bow...not sure what it means but I suspect something very good! You are a Rock Star Charlie R!!! The cat show set up is so different from Dog Showing. That is what my Mom used to do before me. It is a lot of work so I know your Mom was tired after all that; purrrrs, Savannah

Clooney sa...

Wow, it does look like lots of work to set up a cat show. Enjoyed all the pictures of the cats! A big congratulations to you Kjelle Bus on your big ribbon, that's wonderful!

Unknown sa...

Ett JätteGrattis till din Titel. Joker är snart ikapp. hehe