måndag 7 juli 2014

Min matte är en ... / My mom-person is a ...

LIAR !!!

Jag har INTE alls varit ute på promenad i kvällsolen , 
blivit störd i mitt örontvättande eller legat 
och sett söt ut i matte o husse´s säng i förra veckan.
Jag har hållts fången  bott på Katthotell och blev utsläppt  hämtad först igår !

I have not been out on any evening walk in the sun , 
been bothered when I tried to wash my ears 
or been in mom and dad´s bed looking cute.
I have been in prison  at a Cat hotel 
 and didn´t get released get picked up until yesterday !

Ja jag vet att jag borde anat oråd när jag såg det här !
Yes I know that I should got suspicious when I saw this !

Men jag klev glatt in i min transportbur 
But I happily walked into my PTU 

och befann mig helt plötsligt bakom galler :(
and found myself behind bars :(

Vad mina människor gjort ?!
Roat sig så klart , vad trodde ni ?!

Dom har varit på 
i Västerås och tittat på en massa bilar 
nu igen *suckar*
och gått runt en sväng på marknaden.

What my humans have been up to ?!
Having a grreat time of course , what did 
you think ?!

They have been to 
in Vasteras and looked at a lot of cars *sigh´s*
and walked at the Swap.

Kan ju glädja er med att det inte var fint väder hela tiden *fniss*
I am happy to tell you that it was not nice weather all the time *giggles*

Som om det inte var nog med 
Power Big Meet så åkte dom till 
As if wasn´t enough with Power Big Meet , 
they went to the Knight's Week in Hova.

Och när dom ändå var i Hova så var det ju inte 
så långt till Klosterkatterna :)
And then they was in Hova it isn´t very far to our 
blogfriends Klosterkatterna :)

Dom enda som fastnade på bild var Philemon 
The only one that got caught on camera was Philemon

och Rafael , men som ni ser så sitter dom ju
fängslade  ute i sin rastgård.
and Rafael , but as you can see they are in prison  in 
their patio.

Kan ni tänka er att jag trotts allt , gav jag min matte 
gladsvansen när hon kom för att hämta mig på Katthotellet :)
Can you beleive that I gave my mom-person the happy-tail 
when she came to pick me up at the Cat hotel :)

Det var jätteskönt att komma hem till MIN säng och min vattenfontän !
It was really nice to come home to MY bed and my 
water fountain !

Men nästa gång jag ser resväskan och transportburen 
samtidigt så ska sätta ner tassen ordentligt 
och springa som hel..te !!
Next time I see the suitcase and my PTU at the same
time I will put down my paw and run like h.ll !!

Önskar er alla en trevlig måndag :)
Wish you all a happy monday :)

32 kommentarer:

Angel Prancer Pie sa...

That does look like they had fun (when it wasn't raining).

We're glad they are back where they belong. (with you!)

Have a great week, handsome boy.

Cezar and Léia sa...

I understand yours feelings, it's not easy to be separated from our mommy and go to a cat hotel, but you met beautiful friends there and it's cool! Your mommy got amazing pictures from this trip, what an adventure!
Now you deserve delicious treats, sunbathing, walking on the grass and peaceful naps!
Luna Snowshoe and hugs from mom Leia

Sparkle sa...

I would NEVER allow my human to run off and do such frivolous things! Well, except for the fact that we have a pretty awesome sleepover pet sitter!

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Oh Kjelle Bus! We can't believe your Mom took advantage of your trusting nature, locked you up and sent you to the cat hotel. :(

We're glad you're home and enjoying your own bed and water fountain!

PS/ Looks like your Mom and Dad had a nice little vacation even if they cheated on you by visiting some cats.

Anonym sa...

Hihi Go´ du...Sätt ner tasen nästa ggr riktigt ordentligt till & mé med lite klor & klös i fniss - Kanske hjälper...Fast du ser ut att ha haft det rätt ok ändå ;)

Härliga foton men...Visst Är du bäst ♥

/Nooospuss från mig som ska ut & få sand mellan tårna :)

Donna sa...

Awww. I am glad everything is better now. :)

Fozziemum sa...

Oh dear sweet Charlie..you really were tricked! I am sure they had a great time even though they didn't have you to keep them out of trouble :) great pictures again and I love the color! hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

CATachresis sa...

You know, Charlie, sometimes life can be too exciting!! Glad you're home ok :)

Hannah and Lucy sa...

That was naughty of your Mum to pretend you were going on holiday when you were being sent to prison!
We hope you have recovered from the ordeal of being caged now and will get busy plotting your revenge.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Swiss Cats sa...

We understand your feelings, they had fun while you were left alone ! We're glad you're finally home (with them) and can enjoy YOUR bed and YOUR fountain ! Purrs

Cats of wildcat woods sa...

Sorry you were in jail but it does look like the humans had fun!

The Island Cats sa...

Oh Charlie, we're sorry you got stuck at the kitty hotel while your mom went off and had fun. We're glad you're home now.

Fuzzy Tales sa...

That was terrible, that you were in "jail" while your humans were out having fun...without you!

Where are the presents and the treats they should have brought home for you???

Simba och Tasse sa...

Fy jamarns så lurigt gjort av dina människor, rätt åt dem att det regnade när de rymde så där.
Det gäller att se upp när buren åker fram, man vet aldrig vad som kan hända...
Skönt att du är hemma hos vattenfontänenn och alla andra kära prylar igen <3
PS Fina bilder!

Kattson sa...

Synd att du inte anade oråd i tid. Men nästa gång vet du...

Aamor sa...

Nä fy hur kan de göra så mot lille dig? Du gick säkert frivilligt in i buren för att du trodde du skulle följa med dom!
Klart du blev glad trots allt när du blev hämtad för det blir man ju!
Hoppas du fick massor av godsaker på hotellet i alla fall!


Brian's Home Blog sa...

They sure had a good time, but I am really glad you are home!

Kitties Blue sa...

We had no idea you were in jail while we were enjoying the photos of all those cool cars. That makes us very sad, but we are super happy that you are home now and can resume your regular routine. As soon as we see a suitcase, we know we are in big trouble; even though, we get to stay at home when the humans leave. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Katten Gustav sa...

Måste avbryta min semester ett ögonblick för att jama att jag tycker det var så kul att vi bott på samma hotell! För att inte vara hemma var det åtminstone det bästa hotellet jag bott på!

Clooney sa...

Oh Charlie Rascal, it sounds like you have a good plan for when the suitcase comes out next time! Looks like your Pawrents had a fun vacation and glad you are back home now with them!

da tabbies o trout towne sa...

dood...next time ewe see a soot case anda ptu ewe can chillax heer in trout towne...if yur peepulz iz gonna bee havin all kindz oh fun...ewe shuld two....cod onlee noes what kinda miss cheef we all will get in two bee coz ...we can !!! N whoa...can ewe think if de tires on car two wuz donuts !!!! YUM !!! ♥♥

BeadedTail sa...

You got put in jail while your mom and dad went off to have fun? What's up with that? We're glad they are back and hope they make it up to you big time!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

It looks like your mum and dad had a lovely time. It is not good that you had to go to jail though. Try not to give them the happy tail next time.

LP sa...

Wow Kjelle! Left behind without a second glance we bet ! Um, but we will need to show our Daddyman those most excellent car photos if you don't mind....

You should do some damage to their cherished goods , as pay back , Kjelle. They deserve it! The more fun they have...the more damage you need to do! ;p

Your pals who have many plots for revenge if you need to borrow any! :p

the critters in the cottage xo

Anonym sa...

Meez finks yoous mowe handsum than all da fotos of da caws, food, uddew kittys, evewfin'. And sumtimes wees miss ow mommys so much dat now mattew what wees can't help but tu gic them da happy tail.

Luv ya'


Mr Puddy sa...

Kjelle, I feel for you deeply badly !
My pawrents went to the bike show too . I just don't get it why they want to hear motor purr than me do purrs, and we both have to go to jail for that !
Well...now I'm home ...very happy :)
Hopefully , not happen so often..purrs for myself & you

Welcome Home Kjelle
((( Hug )))

Mollie sa...

Charlie that is terrible, you must have suffered a great deal whilst you pawerent'z were having so much FUN Mawawhahwhahhaah xxxoxxx

Mollie and Alfie

Cathy Keisha sa...

OMC! I wouldn’t blame you for putting your paw down.

Marty the Manx sa...

So glad you survived you stay at the kitty hotel Kjelle. Glad you are back home with your family :)

KisseKatt sa...

Skönt att vara hemma igen eller hur Kjelle. "Borta bra men hemma bäst". Träffade du några kattkompisar på katthotellet? Vilka snygga bilar! Där skulle du ha varit med :)

Nosi Nosi Kissekatt

A Tonk's Tail sa...

WISE decision: PTU + suitcase = ESCAPE!!!

Timmy Tomcat sa...

Yes we have to always watch when they pack things up. I love when Dad returns too.
Our Dad really enjoys looking at the cars since he can no longer walk about shows like that.
Just watch that they do not BUY an old car to work on as they will never be around