lördag 17 januari 2015

Efterlyst ... / Wanted ...

Min matte är efterlyst !
Hon har brutit mot varenda regel gällande 
hjälp till bloggande katt , dvs MIG !
Om hon inte jobbar så går hon på Opera , bio 
och restaurangbesök.
Som ni förstår så måste detta få ett slut !
Om någon ser henne och lyckas återbörda 
henne till hennes plats framför datorn 
så väntar en riklig belöning !!
My mom-person is wanted !
She have violated efurry rule regarding 
help to a blogging cat = ME !
If she isn´t working , she is at the Opera , 
Cinema or restaurant eating fancy food.
As you all undeerstand this have to come to an end !
If you see her and manege to get her 
back infront of the computer a great award 
awaits you !

Även om matte gjort ett coolt 
tidningsomslag med min bild på första sidan 
till denna veckas KONSTiga lördag.
Although the mom-person have done a cool

magazine cover with my picture on the front page
for this weeks Caturday Art post.

Så ursäktar det INTE att hon inte hjälpt mig sätta 
in priset jag fick av Sammy för att jag 
var den som gissade rätt först i tisdags 
när jag sa att fotot var från Lucern !
That doesn´t excuse the fact that she haven´t 
help me put the picture I got from Sammy for being THE 
first guesser on his Tuesday Teaser on 
my bloggie until now !
What the answer was this tuesday ?
Lucern in Schweiz of course :)

Glöm inte att besöka Athena 
som anordnar Caturday Art Blog Hop
Don´t forget to visit Athena that host´s 
Caturday Art Blog Hop

Önskar er alla en trevlig helg !
Wish all of you a nice weekend !

35 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Oj,då ...Ska se om jag får tag i din matte hihi
Coolt Omslag på dig finaste/Noooospuss<3<3

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Oh, we love your new header! It looks terrific!

You'll have to give your mom some slack, because she sounds very busy enjoying her life! Which actually is a good thing, because a happy servant means a happy cat, right? :-)

Fozziemum sa...

Goodness me Charlie things sound downright desperate there hahaahah yes mum did a great magazine cover and yes you look adorable...and yes you got first in Sammy's teaser...but I am sure mum will return soon :) loves Fozziemum xx

Sasha sa...

Your human sounds very difficult to manage. Mine is too.

Brian's Home Blog sa...

I agree, you new header really is terrific!

Savannah's Paw Tracks sa...

Luvluvluv your magazine cover.... You ARE THE rock star!

Mariodacat sa...

You may have to whip your human back into shape and demand your rights. Sigh! Then if that works, let me know what you did cuz I could use help with M too. Great pictures pal, but then you always take good pictures.

Deb Barnes sa...

Oh... the audacity of her... Has she no shame? Flaunting her outings in such a public manner for everyone to see... She must be stopped and we wish you well tracking her down! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties!

Kattson sa...

Vi här på Södertälje Katthem kommer hålla ögonen öppna efter matte. Kommer hon hit skickar vi hem henne genast.

Aamor sa...

Det är inte lätt att ha en sån aktiv matte men trots allt är det viktigaste att hon tar hand om dig när hon inte är på rymmen.


Angel Simba sa...

That Wanted poster is sure putting her on notice, Kjelle.

Unknown sa...

Nope! Mes not seen your Mommy at my condo in Calgary! Mes thinks posting a wanted poster is a good idea! And mes LOVES your Magazine cover!

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty sa...

We love the art and the new header!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Team Tabby sa...

Our humans like to go out lots as well. Why do they do this?


Summer sa...

I do love that magazine cover! But yes, your human's galavanting has to stop! Although I have to say, I do not have it much better - my human is sick and it is going to take several weeks for her illness to go away so while she does pay attention to her duties regarding me, she is only functioning at half speed. She spends more time on Facebook because "it does not take much effort!" Sigh.

Anonym sa...

Oh My Cats! How dare your mommy neglect you and your blog like this! That's outrageous!! Who needs to go to the opera when you have a cute kitty like you at home! The nerve of her!! Good thing you put a reward on her! Now if only we knew where to find her... ;) MOL MOL MOL :D

Happy weekend, sweetie! :)
xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

Anonym sa...

Your Mom is a busy lady but still she got you to the Cat Scouts Winter Wonderland party today! I was so happy that you won my First Right Guesser badge for the first Teaser of 2015!! WOOT!

Hugs, Sammy

pilch92 sa...

Very nice cover- you are a Rock Star :)

Dui och Deco sa...

Åh vi känner igen det där! Men vi har ganska hyfsad pli på dem ändå.Nosbuffar

The Swiss Cats sa...

We love your magazine cover ! We hope your mom heard you loud and clear ! Purrs

Knatolee sa...

Naughty mommy! Doesn't she know she is your SLAVE?!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Your header is lovely, and so is your magazine cover. Concats on being first right guesser for Sammy's Teaser.

Just Mags sa...

We will be on the look out for her and if we see her we will let you know sweetie. Beautiful header, love the way you are reaching out your paw. Hugs and nose kisses

My Mind's Eye sa...



Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) sa...

Your magazine cover is super cool :) We'll be on the lookout for your Mom!

noodlecat sa...

Wow! I think I can see your tonsils!

Noodle and crew

Katie Isabella sa...

WOW! Your mommy sure made a beautiful header for handsome you! And with that Wanted Poster you have out on her...I would say to you that she WILL change her ways and help you blog more. xxoox

Jans Funny Farm sa...

We love your magazine cover. Your mom did a good job. Now if she would just continue to show up on time before you have to fire her. :)


We know the feeling, Charlie Rascal! Glogirly often leaves us hanging when it comes to visiting our friends! That's quite a reward you've offered! ; )

Oh, and congrats on such a cool magazine cover!

Happy Caturday!
Katie & Waffles

Anonym sa...

Aww...it is so obvious that she loves you, though. Hang in there! ~xo~

Cathy Keisha sa...

Of course you’re a rock star! And I still have your pawtograph!

Clooney sa...

Love your magazine cover and good for you for putting your paw down with your Mom-person!

A Tonl sa...

*sigh* You and us too! Our mom's been AWOL way too often lately. And this whole WORK excuse HAS to stop.
(And we don't CARE if her computer is deaded - AGAIN.)

Cool magazine cover though. What currency is that $15,000 reward offered in? Kitty treats?

Marty the Manx sa...

That's right Kjelle Bus! YOU were the right guesser and you ROCK!!!!!

Pawesome Cats sa...

Love your art, and your new blog header is awesome!