onsdag 16 september 2015

Ingen ordlös onsdag precis :) / Not a wordless wednesday :)

Ge mig gottiset , NU !!
Give me that treat , right away !!

Conrad tror han kan flyga *fniss*
Conrad believes he can fly *giggles*

och matte har varit uppe i luften på riktigt :)
and our mom-person have actuallt been flying (again:)

Inga katter lämnade marken för att göra denna
reklamfilm !
No cat´s left the ground doing this commercial !

Vart min matte flög denna gången ??
Hon o hennes kompis flög till vackra Trondheim.
Where my mom-person flew to this time ??
She and her friend flew to beutiful Trondheim in Norway.

Dom välkända färgglada trähusen utmed Nidelven 
och en massa färglada trähus på Bakkelandet.
The wharves in the banks of the river Nidelven
and wooden houses on Bakkelandet.

Rockheim populär musik museum
Rockheim national museum of popular music.

Fantastiska Nidarosdomen

Dom här fotona är tagna vid Fosenkaia och Brattørkaia
Theese photos are taken at Fosenkaia and Brattørkaia

Dom åt faktiskt under vistelsen i Trondheim :)
För er som inte vet så är allt jätte dyrt i Norge !
Så dom var glada över att frukost och kvälls våfflor 
ingick i hotell priset :)

They actually ate during their stay in Trondheim :)
For those of you who don´t  know everything is very expensive in Norway!
 So they were happy that breakfast and evening waffles
was included in the hotel price :)

Bild på den dyraste ölen som min matte druckit 
i hela sitt liv. Som ni vet så är hon ju rätt gammal 
och har hunnit med att dricka en del öl :)
Den kostade 120 Skr.
Picture on THE most expensive beer that my 
mom-person had drunk in her whole life.
As you know she is rather old and have 
has had time to drink some beer :)
It cost 12.20 Euro / 13.71$ 

Matte gillade citatet på denna kudden som hon såg i en affär 
i Trondheim. Hon köpte den dock inte för den kostade 250 Skr.
My mom-person loved the quote on the pillow 
that she saw in a store in Trondheim. 
She didn´t buy it because it cost 25.50 Euro/28.60$

Jodå matte har tagit många fler kort i Trondheim , 
men jag och Conrad tycker faktiskt att detta får räcka :)
Oh yes my mom-person have taken many more photos
in Trondheim.
But I and Conrad actually think this 
will be enough :)

Igår kväll åskade det och haglade massor här.
Så då kunde vi inte sitta vid datorn :(
Idag har internet varit borta ända tills 
för en stund sen :(
Hoppas att det håller sig i skinnet så att vi 
kan kattentera ifatt lite :)
Last night it thundered and rained a lot here.
So we couldn´t sit at the computer :(
Today the internet has been gone until
a while ago :(
Hope it stays put so that we

visit and catch up a bit with you all :)

20 kommentarer:

da tabbies o trout towne sa...

~~~~~waves two ewe kjelle & conrad....N manee thanx two yur mom purrson for de fotoz oh norway...WHOA....stuff IZ eggs pensive ther.....veree VEREE eggs pensive.....glad her hada a grate time !! ♥♥♥

Deziz World sa...

Aaaaaw Charlie, sure hope yous got lots of tweats. Dat's such a cute video. Have a gweat day. Weez hope da stowrms stay away.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

Those are lovely photos of Trondheim. My mum and dad were there for a day in June as part of their Nordkapp cruise. They agree it is very expensive. They were in Norway for 2 weeks and didn't buy very much but still spent a lot of money.

LP sa...

Those are beautiful photos! We are glad your Mama had such fun. Our Mama's sister lived in Norway for six months (work related) many , many years ago and said it was very expensive!

Conrad , you are so sweet with your flying ears :)

the critters in the cottage xo

CATachresis sa...

What a beautiful place!! But wow! Expensive for sure!!!

Brian's Home Blog sa...

You two look great and that Mom sure sees lots of pretty places!

Mariodacat sa...

Awww pal, those eyes of yours really get to M. She'd give you anything you want. That was a pawsome trip that your human took. Thanks for sharing those with us.

The Florida Furkids sa...

What a lovely place!! It sure sounds expensive though.

The Florida Furkids

Cathy Keisha sa...

Looks like your Mom person had a great but expensive time. She earned it. I hope she bought you something. Thank you for coming to my Blogoversary pawty even if it was late.

Furries sa...

At first glance I thought your mom posted a picture of a bull sculpture, but then I realized it was Conrad!
Lovely photos from Norway. It must be nice to live close to so many interesting places.

meowmeowmans sa...

Hi Kjelle! Such lovely pictures of Trondheim, and even lovelier pictures of you and Conrad! :)

Summer sa...

Your human travels a lot! I've flown... more than once!

Vi i Kasperian sa...

Väldans kul att ni är två nu, både Kjelle Bus och Conrad. För jag tycker ju att varje hund ska ha minst en katt, och att varje katt ska ha minst en hund! :) Matten och Maxi och Filip och Myse håller med mig.
Ser att Conrad är ännu en sån där hund med flaxöron som får mig att känna mig avundsjuk. Å andra sidan är ju mina öron mer som katters, så dom får väl duga då. :D
Trondheim är jättefint, och att det är dyrt i Norge visst vi, men inte att det var riktigt SÅ dyrt!
Kasper med flock

Dui och Deco sa...

Fullt upp hos dig! Tänk att våra mattar och hussar måste fara och flyga hit och dit när de kan vara hemma med oss! Nosbufffar

Aamor sa...

Det var en väldigt klok kudde, hihi! Fin också och matte hade velat ha en sån.


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren sa...

Oh how lucky your Mom is! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Norway, I hear it is just beautiful and from your photos I can see that it is.
BTW Conrad looks like one HAPPY pup! so good to see!


pilch92 sa...

Those are great photos, she should be a guest Teaser on Sammy of One Spoiled Cat's Tuesday Teaser. That is expensive beer- hope it was good.

Donna sa...

I hope u get more treats. :)

Luv, Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

Katie Isabella sa...

Norway and Sweden and Denmark are three Countries I never got to visit all the years I lived in Europe. I can see Norway is beautiful!!!

Clooney sa...

Wow, looks like your Mom person had a great trip, such lovely photos and a darling one of Conrad, of course you are the very cutest one!