tisdag 20 december 2011

Cats On Tuesday

WOO HOOO !!!  
Tuesday and time for me to blog in english 
and time for you to turn MR Google translater OFF :)

First I feel that I have to make some clarifications
about yesterday´s blogpost !
It´s not me in any of the photos it´s my 
sweeet furiend Goliat , that lookes a lot like me or maybe I shall say that I look a lot like him , beacause he is much older than me :)

Goliat and his mom and dad are not thanking for any heat ,
they are thankful for all the support they got when Goliat 
was really sick after a operation earlier this year.
He has not made a full recovery , but he is better now.

Goliat don´t have any mistress (what I know of :)
He has a mom and dad that couldn´t find such nice Santa suit that I have , so they put a eggwarmer on poor Goliat´s head :(

In this picture is Santa and Donald that had to much 
Mulled Wine.

You could think that it was MR Google translater that had to much Mulled Wine yesterday :)

 What I have been up to since last tuesday ??
Nothing much !!

I have cleaned my toesies real thoroughly :)

Have visited my mom´s parent´s and their cat Gustav.
Can you believe that he hissed at me just because I 
sniffed on his toesies ??!!

I did some birdwatching in their kitchenwindow too :)

On the sunday my mom brought this cute little Christmas tree
out of the wardrobe.

 I must say that I am a little wooried where Santa is going 
to leave all my presents though ??

Next year I hope that we will have a Chritmas tree
like this instead !!!

  Me and my mom and dad want´s to wish you all
a Very Merry Christmas !

Don´t forget to visit Gattina and her cat´s !!!

12 kommentarer:

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Thank you for the explanation about Goliat! Yes, Google Translator must have had too much to drink. LOL.

Happy Tuesday!

Happy holidays!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte sa...

Hiya, Kjelle! Good to see your handsome face. We have missed you so much because SS comes home late and too tired to help me visit and blog.

Of course you may use my Christmas greeting image on your blog. I am honoured!

We love your Christmas suit. I won't allow SS to put anything on me, not even a tea cosy.

Cindy Adkins sa...

Wow! Very beautiful Christmas card with your picture on it! All of Gattina's visitors have such nice cards - our Mom better get busy next year and make one of us! We like your post - lots of good stuff going on at your house! That mousey tree!! MOL! We would like one like that, too! Merry Christmas from your friends,
Buster, Rudy and Sam

CATachresis sa...

Hahaha! Mr Google Translator gives us all a laugh! Thanks for mentioning our name. Austin's gone all shy now :))

We realised it was Goliat, because, although he is very handsome, he is not as handsome as Kjelle Bus. That's a fact!

A very Happy Christmas to you, Kjelle and to your humans too xox

Gattina sa...

Goliat looks great with the egg warmer, hahaha ! what a nice hat !
The mouse Christmas tree would certainly make Rosie happy ! Imagine all the mice to put in food bowls during the night.
I think Mr. Google Translator is boozed the whole year long ! He should join an AA group !

Annie Bear sa...

Goliat is gorgeous! Sorry about the egg warmer on his head. Sounds to me like you've had a great week. Mama likes your tree and I bet Santa figures out where to put all your gifts. We have a similar problem here.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris sa...

Shame on Gustav for hissing at you. We are very impressed at your toesie cleaning. You probably have the cleanest toes in town.

We think your little tree is perfect to climb.

Merry Christmas and hope you get lots of treats and presents.

Carla sa...

Toeies fedious?
Clean paws are happy paws!
Could those be CATNIP mousies on that tree???
Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Barbara sa...

Poor Goliath, I bet he wishes he had a Santa suit like yours. I LOVE that photo of you cleaning your toes, MOL! And feel free to use the Christmas card of the cats. Merry Christmas to you and yours, love from Barbara and the kitties xx

Whisppy sa...

LOVE that toesies picture!

Dianne sa...

some cats are very sensitive about their toesies

don't worry about Santa
we have a very tiny tree and there are always giant presents for Siren and Isadora

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

That egg warmer makes a funny hat. You are very thorough when you clean your toesies.