tisdag 17 januari 2012

Cats On Tuesday

Hiii Haaa ! it´s tuesday again and time for me to blog in english 
and time for your to turn Mr Google translater off :)

Hi , efurybody !
I hope you all are just fine this tuesday ?!

What are you saying ?
Can´t you see me ??

Peekaboo :)

When you're tired of working for the candy will add to it this 
and if you're lucky, you get candy direct
from the bottle by his mistress instead or NOT: ( 
 I just wan´t to make clear that this is NOT what I said in swedish about this picture below yesterday !!!
What I said on swedish was this = When you get tired of working for the treats , you lay down and if you are lucky your mom will give you treats directly from the box or maybe not :(

On thursday I will have  ...
to celebrate my 1:st  Blogaversary !

When I started to blog one year ago me and mom could never imagine that we would meet sooo many nice furiends all around the world or have sooo many visitors on my blog.
We welcome you all to celebrate with us on thursday !

We will be having cakes in different styles and taste´s 
that suits both furry friends and humans :)



and coffee latte

There will be toy´s for efurryone too :)

and off course there will be music too :)

My mom have promised to pay 3 swedish krona /per comment/person (from thursday morning 07:00 to friday 24:00
and give the money to our local catshelter Kattfoten.
(3 swedish krona is about 0.30 Euro / 50 U.S cents.)

So me and mom hope´s to see you all on my 1st Blogoversaryparty this thursday !!!

Don´t forget to visit Gattina and her cat´s that host´s 

Wish you all a pawsome tuesday :)

26 kommentarer:

Hjulia huller om buller sa...

We are coming to your party Kjelle Bus!!!



Fuzzy Tales sa...

We will be back for your Blogoversary party and will be happy to help you celebrate. That fish cake looks very tempting! :-)

Dianne sa...

I love your expression when you peek out

sounds like there is going to be a great party
I might even try a mouse cake and a niptini :)

Rebellen sa...

I wanna come to your party Kjelle Bus! I can't wait!! :D

The Florida Furkids sa...

Thanks for re-translating that for us. Sometimes Mr. Google really confuses us!!

We'll be back for the big party!!!

The Florida Furkids

Annie Bear sa...

Hi Kjelle! I definitely hope to come to your Blogoversary Party. Mama is working but we'll do our best. I have to admit I'm intrigued by those cakes and niptinis and cream!

Whisppy sa...

Count us in! We'll be there for your blogoversary party, for sure.

Klosterkatterna sa...

Vi kommer, vi kommer! *sju klosterkatter viftar med tassarna* Får vi ta med vår kompis, akutkatten Sagge? Han behöver nog ett party, för han har precis blivit kastrerad...

Tass från Imma, abbemissa.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris sa...

It looks like it will be a wonderful party! We will be there if our dear Mama doesn't forget! she's been know to do that.

Luxington sa...

Mr Google was pretty funny in the way he translated your treats story! MOL. Happy early Blogoversary!!!

Dui och Deco sa...

Tänk att det har gått ett helt år! Känns som det var precis nyligen du började tassa. Hurr jam för Dig! Nosbuff

CATachresis sa...

We'll be there. Me for the nip and Austin for the coffee latte. Errr I think that's the right way round?? lol

Cindy Adkins sa...

OMC! What a pawsome party! We will be there!! Sammy is drooling over the "cheesecake" and mousies! Thanks for inviting us and Happy Blogoversary!!
Buster, Rudy and Sam

Viola sa...

Morsomt innlegg, og ja jeg kommer på jubileumet ditt, ett år, tenk det, tiden flyr!! ^^)
Og her blir det fristelser for store og små, pelskledde og de på to bein :D Namme! :) ^^)

Herlig videoklipp også! :)

Vi ses! :)

Klem på nesetippen din fra Pusa ^^) og Viola :)

Findus, Isak och Rasmus sa...

Och vi som trodde att den blå luddiga manicken hade fått en Kjelle Bus-svans. Skönt att det bara var kurragömma på gång. :) Tänk att du redan bloggat på egen tass i ett år! Självklart kommer vi till festen. Kurr och burr.

Pernille sa...

I will come to your party:))))
Luv from Pernille XX

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

We will be back for your party. The food looks delicious. Mr Google makes us laugh sometimes, and sometimes he makes naughty translations.

BeadedTail sa...

It looks like you're going to have a great party for your 1st blogoversary! Concatulations!

Oui Oui sa...

Yay for English Tuesdays! Sometimes the translator garbles the message, and it must be difficult to write so that the translation is clear. We can follow what you mean usually. The party sounds fun and the food looks divine! We'll rest up so we can party all day and night!

NoOne sa...

Lovely ♥...........

Gattina sa...

Happy first blogaversery !! What a very good idea you had to come and join the cat blogworld ! One thing is for sure which I noticed through my 5 blogging years, all cats in the world are the same, we humans have nothing to say !!
Mr. Google as translator is priceless ! He makes the best jokes and doesn't even know.
I see you also love to play hide and seak !

Anonym sa...

OJ! Ett helt blogg-år! Inte illa! Å´ vilket party det blir! Klart vi kommer! En sak till! Vi älskar dina bilder! De är så roliga ♥

Knatolee sa...

Have a wonderful day! My cats would love the niptinis!

Linnsen sa...

Tänk att du har bloggat ett helt år Kjelle! :) Jag ligger långt efetr med mina snart tre månader.

Vi tre kommer gärna på partyt, det kommer bli kul att träffa alla dessa utländska kompisar du har! :)

Splendid Little Stars sa...

Happy, Happy Blogaversary! Those treats looks mighty yummy!
What a great way to celebrate--by donating to a great cause!

Gattina sa...

I forgot to come to the party on thursday !! It's unforgivable, and I had put a note in my calender !! Alzheimer ! Sorry, and as your comments are closed, I thank you for the nice things you served for the party, there were still some left overs today, lol !