tisdag 28 februari 2012

Cats On Tuesday

Yay . its finally tuesday again and time for me to blog in english , because it´s  Cats On Tuesday today :)

So dear furiends , turn the translator off ! 

Haven´t really happend much here the past week 
Most of the time I have spent in mom´s and dad´s bed.
Trying to get some sleep , not easy with a paparazzi to mom !

Here I was really tired of her and threatened to do some 
Bunny kicking in her face if she didn´t take that flashybox away !!
It worked :)

I´ve got "Tagged" by Katie and Glogirly and that didn´t mean that I´ve got a bad haircut !
I just have answered some questions ,
that you can read HERE :)

I have also auditioned for Katie and Glogirly
and I do hope I will be one of the cat´s in their
The real housecats in the blogosphere.
Do you too wan´t to enter a application ?
You have until tomorrow to do so.

This past weekend we had lovely weather where I live , 
so I took my mom out for a walk.
You say what ? Do you think it look windy ??
It´s alway´s windy here at the westcoast of Sweden :)

Here I have got really fluffy fur :)

Wish you all a great Tuesday !

20 kommentarer:

Seville at Nerissa's Life sa...

It may have been windy but... your hair still looks beautiful in a tossed kind of way. You should see my peep #1 on a windy day. Talk about a bad hair day! Her bad hair days are SCARY!

We love LUNA sa...

Dear Kjelle,
Adorable portraits, and I love your paws, you are charming my friend! :)
Here the weather is not nice,and I'm going to take a nap in mammy's bed right now!
I will play with you in my dreams,
purrs and love

Cindy Adkins sa...

You are such beautiful kitty - Buster have crush on you!! ♥ Good luck on your audition!!
Purrs and Hugs from,
Buster, Rudy, Sam and Cindy

Katten Lisa sa...

Jag vet inte vad du ligger och spanar på, men det ser ut att vara ett nästan lika fint spanarställe som min tall. Och håller med dig om blåsten. Mycket vädrad päls har det blivit i vinter!

CATachresis sa...

You have that lovely windswept look, Kjelle Bus. Very handsome :))

Katie Isabella sa...

You are just one of our most beautiful kitties on the CB. It's always a joy to see you. Nice to turn off the translator too. It doesn't do you justice most times. MOL. xoxox

Barbara sa...

Love the kickboxing pose! And you look gorgeous against that sky.

Dui och Deco sa...

Vi får vårkänslor när vi tittar på utebilderna. Ser skönt ut.Tänk att man aldrig får vara ifred när man försöker få lite välförtjänt vila.Nosbuff

ellie sa...

Love your film star look in last photo! Great bunny kick move :)

Unknown sa...

Härliga bilder som vanligt.
Tazz och Kram

Daisy sa...

Hahahaha! Bunnykick to the face is a great idea. I will have to try that move, myself.

Ellen Whyte sa...

You look so furry relaxed in bed, we'd love to join you! Enjoy your posts in Swedish, English and on Facebook.

Cat-from-Sydney sa...

Kjelle Bus,
Lovely weather you have there, eh? Tell me about the pawpawrazzi and their flashyboxes. purrr...meow!

meowmeowmans sa...

We like your bunny-kick pose, Kjelle! Your beautiful fur looks great in the wind. :)

Oui Oui sa...

We love No Translator Tuesdays! We still can't believe how windy it was there. It must have been really cold!

BeadedTail sa...

Your english is getting really good Kjelle! Of course your photos are always very handsome!

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

What a windy day! We love your wind tossed furry look. :)

Frasse sa...

Idag fäste jag mig särskilt vid bilden där dina baktassar är i fokus. Mycket fint komponerat, måste jag jama. Du har verkligen snygga baktassar, Kjelle!


We were so busy taking in applications that we missed Tuesday altogether! You are looking both handsome and brave atop that railing! It's snowing here today, so no going outside for me. ...oh that's right. I'm not allowed outside anyway. Big city cat and all. ; ) Thanx for the shout out!
xo Katie & Glogirly

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

You look very handsome in your windblown pictures. Those paws of your look like very good bunny kickers.