tisdag 3 april 2012

Cats On Tuesday

It´s Cats On Tuesday time and 
time for me to blog in english :)

I missed last weeks Cats On Tuesday :(
As usual it´s my mom´s fault !

My mom and my little brofur Balthazar
 has been in Rome 18/3 - 22/3.
Here is Balthazar sitting in front of Fontana Di Trevi
and NO he didn´t take a bath like Anita Ekberg did ;-)

The Episode 2 of The Real Housecats had premier the 
18th March.
Yes it´s me in the sunglasses :)

We had quite some PARTY :)

Katie and Glogirly had also started 
a GREAT shop at Zazzle where you can by 
official The Real Housecats stuff.
and shop til you drop ;-)

The 14 april and 15 april I will be in Malmoe on a Catshow and guess what ??
I´m going to stay at a hotell !
I sure hope they have good roomservice !
So I can order glazed mousies and whipped cream :)

if you are curious :)

Some of my blogfriends will come to the show 
and we will have a Blogmeeting at the Catshow.
It shall be soooo fun to meet them IRL !

My mom got a parcel some week ago 

It was the notebook she have ordered from Beaded Tails 
Etsy Shop :)

Look , there are cute little paws on every page :)

Wish you all a great tuesday !

Don´t forget to visit Gattina and her cat´s that hosts 
P.S It´s Arthur´s birthday today :)

20 kommentarer:

Barbara sa...

I love that pic of you in your blog header - MOL! I can't believe you're going to stay in a hotel - make sure the mini bar is stocked with cream.

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Your Easter header is so cute. :-)

And you've been busy! We watched episode 2 and were very impressed with how well done it was. Maybe we should be asking you for a pawtograph.

We think that notebook is so sweet, we remember seeing that on Beaded Tail's blog.

Have a great week!

HH and The Boys sa...

What a great Cats on Tuesday post. You know I love you as a bunny in the header the best. What a great picture.

Have a great day.

pawhugs, Max

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

That's a very nice notebook by Beaded Tail. We know if Mommy ordered it, it won't ever be used because it's so pretty.

CATachresis sa...

Still loving that bunny header lolol. Make sure the mini bar in the hotel is stocked with nip and tuna xox

Mariodacat sa...

I love that picture of you too that's at the top of the top of the page. you apparently are whiffing something that smells extra good.


Just look at all the things that happen while mom is away! The cat show sounds like fun! Will you be competing for prizes? Or is it more about fun and learning? Enjoy the hotel! I've never been to one. Glogirly says I'm too much of a stress-y cat for hotels. ; ) Katie


Pee S! Thanks for putting the links to our stuff in your blog!!! ...you are too sweet.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal sa...

I'm going to compet for prizes and have FUN at the Catshow :) I sure will enjoy staying at a hotell and I hope the minibar are full with Cream and Tuna !


Well given your celebrity-status, the hotel should be prepared for you. Tuna, caviar, cream AND tenderloin!! hehe Good Luck! We want pictures!

Cats of Wildcat Woods sa...

Love the blog header! You have been very busy I see. Sounds so exciting!!!

Unknown sa...

Gillar verkligen den där tygkatten. *skrattar*

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

That is exciting that you will stay in a hotel. We hope the minibar is stocked with everything you wish for.

meowmeowmans sa...

You sure have been busy, Kjelle! We love your new blog header, by the way. :)

Hugs to you and your Mom!

BeadedTail sa...

That'll be so fun to stay in a hotel! We wish we were able to come see you! Thank you for showing the journal! We hope your mom enjoys it!

Clooney sa...

Make sure you order whipped cream from room service for sure! Love your Easter blog header and your Mom's Rome pictures from the other posts! We see you did get some goodies from her trip afterall!

Splendid Little Stars sa...

That is one cute notebook!
Have fun at your cat show!

We love LUNA sa...

Bonjour sweet prince Kjelle!
wow lots of news today!I love your mammy's travel pictures, she is a talented photographer and I'm also enchanted by your header!
So nice journal,it's adorable!

Katie Isabella sa...

I have thought about that journal too. Mom has that is. Love the pictures from Rome. Mom said it has been quite some time since she was there. xoxox

Erika sa...

What an adorable photo in the header!

And have fun using the journal.