tisdag 1 maj 2012


The spring is here and it´s Tuesday !
Could it be better ??!!

So turn the translator off and enjoy my weekly blogpost for 
Gattinas , Cats On Tuesday that´s all in english :)

What I have been up to the past week ??

I have been kissing a frog  <3
Unfortunately it didn´t turn into a sweet cat-princess :(

My mom made a  good bargin on catfood and catlitter, so 
now I can both eat and crap a lot ;-)

The rain has been poring down  !
About I think = BLAAA !

Luckily I do like to sleep on the couch :)

The Real Housecat´s T-shirts finally arrived = HURRAY !!!

Mom made me dance in a GIF *sigh*

Here you can see what I think of all my mom´s crazy ideas  ;-)

I didn´t get any prize in the photo contest 
Catch the spring , that our 
local paper had :(
But I did get my picture in the paper , together with the winners :)

Yesterday finally the spring arrived and me and mom 
drove to her parents and their cat Gustav.

Gustav is a grumpy old cat !
Could you believe that he doesn´t want to play with me ??!!
He told me to stop follow him around :(

Wish you all a Happy Mayday :)

DON´T forget to visit 
Gattina and her cat´s that hosts
Cats On Tuesday !

25 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

I blog to in english today. :-)
Gustav isn't your bigest fun I think. *smile*
Have a wonderful day.

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

Mommy so loves that photo of you sleeping on the couch. Your furs blend so nicely with the sofa.

CATachresis sa...

Hey Kjelle Bus, you yawn just like Austin! But you dance a whole lot better lol. Happy Tuesday xx

HH and The Boys sa...

Happy May 1st... I love all those pictures of you but especially the one of you licking your lips. Very nice.

pawhugs, Max

We love LUNA sa...

MOL funny idea Kjelle about trying to kiss a frog!
I think your tongue is very charming!
And lucky boy, to have so many provisions just for you in your place!
purrs, love and Happy May Day!

montyandrosie sa...

That is exactly what we think of all the rain too - BLAAA ! - we couldn't have put it better ourselves. You'd have thought the sky would have run out of rain by now wouldn't you - but, no - it still keeps coming down. I expect you charmed Gustav in the end, didn't you. Hugs from us.

Cat sa...

I love the GIF's your mum made, you are so cute!!!

Mariodacat sa...

What a great blog you have pal. Your mom did a good job on the Gif too. M promises me she'll make me one, but I don't know when cuz she's so dang slow at everything.

Seville at Nerissa's Life sa...

You've had such a busy week! Time for naps, I should think.

Katie Isabella sa...

OH what a beauty you are! I keep saying that but you are stunning. xoxoxoxo

Anonym sa...

Bilden där han lipar åt vädret är ju för härlig :)

Gattina sa...

With all that cat food I can send Arthur over to help you to eat it all, as he is always hungry ! Congratulations to your picture in the Newspaper ! You are a celebrity ! The gif pictures are funny, I'll try to make it too. You know old cats are sometimes getting grumpy especially with so said "intruders" !

Cats of Wildcat Woods sa...

You have been busy. Congrats on getting your pic in the paper!!! Happy May Day from all of us!

BeadedTail sa...

You always do so many fun things during the week! Your photos are adorable!

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

We like your gif. You are a good dancer Kjelle.

Katnip Lounge sa...

We love Tuesdays! You have such an exciting life, Kjelle Bus...and we are sp "relieved" that you can crap as much as you want, ha ha ha!

Vi i Kasperian sa...

Nu har jag läst ikapp, och så fick jag ju allt i sammandrag här, järnvägars, vad du har roat dej!!!
Himla synd att inte hussen vann kameran, men vi gjorde i alla fall så gott vi kunde. Fast det finns ju såna att köpa också...
Och du - visst är det härligt att våren faktiskt tycks ha kommit på riktigt nu! :)


Happy May Day, Charlie Rascal!!!!!
This is a VERY impressive update!
Our favorite is the GIF of you yawning! ...or are you growling???
And I bet when you were kissing that frog, you were hoping *I* would magically appear, huh!?
love, Katie xoxo

Ellen Whyte sa...

Spring and dancing and walks? pawsome week, we can see. And when your friend is grumpy, you can come play with us.

Oskar sa...

I don't know why that cat didn't want to play with you. I'd play if I could.

I like your gifs.

Nubbin wiggles,

meowmeowmans sa...

What a busy and exciting week, Kjelle! we love those gifs of you ... so much fun!

Oui Oui sa...

We love how you told your mom what you think! Purrfect!

Fr. Tom Fish sa...

If there ever was a cat who looked good in a harness, you're it, my furriend!!

Very nice post and we're glad you were in the paper. It must have been a very difficult choice to select the winners, because in my mind, you all were :)

Thank you for your kind words of comfort for Trapper. The kitties and Mom Julie are slowly adjusting, but it'll take time.

Hugs & love,
Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker, Mitty & Anastasia xxx

Marg sa...

We sure do enjoy seeing you dancing. You are just so darn handsome. Good job gettng your picture in the paper. Hope you have a terrific day.

Viola sa...

Hei Kjelle Bus, så leit at du ikke vant kameraet, for bildet ditt var vakrest av alle - så det så!! :) Men du er med på så mye annet gøy og er så populær, så jeg håper du trives med det og har det bra! :) Jeg har ikke kunnet kommet rundt pga tregt nettverk siste uka..

Ha det riktig så fint så lenge! :)
Klemmer fra Viola :) og Pusa ^^)