onsdag 27 juni 2012

Cats On Tuesday on a Wednesday ( again)

It´s my mom´s fault (as usually) that I didn´t 
made a Cats On Tuesday post on the proper day :(

But now I have maneged to get her out of the way , 
so here come my Cats On Tuesday post.
 So turn the translator off and enjoy 
this weeks post in english :)

 We are still waiting for the summer here in south Sweden.
I´m sooo tired of all the rain and temperatures below 60 F !
They say on the weather forecast that this so called weather will last for another 14 day´s :(

Some of you have asked me if Mr Google Translater did a correct job the other day about the Horse Monsters 
and yes for once he did :)
A woofie friend of mine have told me all about Horse Monsters and Cow monsters.
Both kind´s eat cute woofies and cute kitties for breakfast , so I ran for my life when I saw the horse-monster´s !!!
 With my mom in tow behind me :)
NO , sorry I don´t have any photo´s on that :(

 I´ve go to tell you that I´m going abroad for a weekend in july.
Me and mom are going to a catshow in Skien in Norway
My mom have booked the hotel today ,
it´s the building in the middle in the picture.
I think it lookes very nice and purrfectly placed down by the Telemark Canal .
I have borrowed the picture , since I haven´t been there yet :)

It´s going to be very exciting to go to Norway !
My mom have told me we are going over the Oslo fjord with a ferry to get to Skien. My dad say´s I have to stay in the car on the boat trip , so I don´t fell into the water.
I have no idea why my dad think´s there are a risk for me to fell into the water ??
I mean I´m the most calm cat you have ever seen, aren´t I ??!!

Wish you all a great week !!!

Don´t forget to visit 
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22 kommentarer:

The Furries of Whisppy sa...

We agree with your Dad...best you stayed in the car while on the boat. Coz dinner is swimming right below you and you might be tempted to catch some. :)
Have a fun time at Norway!

Seville at Nerissa's Life sa...

You're going on a ferry? To another country? WOW! You're the best traveled cat I ever did know. purrs

Hanna- mamma till Alexander sa...

Hihi söta bilder som vanligt ;)

meowmeowmans sa...

Wow, that sounds like a grand adventure! You are an international mancat of mystery, Kjelle! :)

Dui och Deco sa...

Tänk att du ska till Norge! Spinnande! Men det blir nog lite bilåkning gissar vi.Nosbuff

Katie Isabella sa...

Oh you so beautiful Kjelle...you are cool, calm and collected and you would NEVER ever fall into the water BUT: Stay in the car anyway. No use letting the river think it can swallow your beautiful self when it sees you looking so good. Stay with your mommy. xoxox

Memories of Eric and Flynn sa...

How exciting for you to go on a ferry, but we agree that it is safest for you to stay in the car. Our Humans are going to Norway, Sweden and Denmark in July. They think we don't know, but we have seen the suitcases!

CATachresis sa...

Oh! You are going to foreign parts!!! I hope you have your passport Kjelle Bus?? Have a great time. For a cat so calm, you certainly cover it up well lol

The Florida Furkids sa...

Stay away from the wet stuff! We wouldn't want you to mess up your gorgeous furs!!

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

LP sa...

Hooray we understood your news! A cat show in Norway sounds very fun Kjelle! Are you good with the judges? LP wanted to show Esme because she is a very excellent example of a devon rex cat but then she realized that Esme would probably eat the judge so that wouldn't work :p We didn't see the translation button on your blog so now we know it is there and we can use it next time :)

the critters in The Cottage xo

Oui Oui sa...

That is a cute GIF! We do not think you would fall in the water for the same reason we wouldn't fall in. We hate water! Have fun in Norway! How much fun is that to travel. Our mom only takes us to the VETs so, no fun for us!

Gigi sa...

I hope you have a wonderful and exciting trip. Yes, you look like a very calm kitty to me, MOL!!! Be good, now!


Hi Charlie Rascal!!!
Wow...the cat show in Norway sounds like BIG fun! ...better watch our for those Norwegian Forest Cats though! heh heh

I can't imagine why your dad would worry about you going in the water. What...does he think you're a DOG!?!

I've missed you lately with all of Glogirly's road tripping. It's nice to have her back so I can put her to work.


Hannah and Lucy sa...

Have you got your pawsport ready for your trip?
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

We love LUNA sa...

Bonjour dear Kjelle,
wow I love your video animated picture, you are adorable.
Good luck for the next context, you are the one, I'm sure everything will be fine.The hotel is charming, beautiful place indeed.
purrs and love

Marg sa...

How exciting to be going to Norway. Wow. And please do stay in the car, we sure don't want you to drown or something. WE also hope you do really well in the show. Take care.

Anonym sa...

Vad spinnande, som Bröderna Bus och Busan skulle ha jamat! ;-)
På Kattutställningen kommer du att slå de andra katterna med noslängder, det bara VET jag!
Puss på gosenosen, vackre kissemiss! ♥

Frasse sa...

Tänk att du ska resa utomlands, Kjelle! Vet inte om jag skulle våga det, men du är ung och rask så du ska nog klara det, hihi :-)
Du kanske tycker att jag är jamarfånig nu, men faktum är att jag tycker det är en rätt bra idé att du ska stanna i bilen under båtfärden. Det är lätt för en liten katt att tassa vilse på stora båtar, och hujam, så hemskt det vore om du föll i vattnet...
Cool gäspbild - eller är det som du skäller (fniss) på vädret? :-)

Unknown sa...

We have also had lots of rain - and thunder and lightening too!

Enjoy your trip to Norway, and good luck in the show.

Unknown sa...

Äsch I forgot :-(((
Hug snygging :-)

A Tonk's Tail sa...

oh we agrees - you are the totalliest calmest kitteh EVER. Humans are sooo weird, aren't they? But seriously, can we swap weather? It's been over 100 for like a bazillion years here and we're melting! Allie went out today and started PANTING so Mommy made her come back in (she growled).

Knatolee sa...

Hope things warm up soon, and have a great trip to Norway!