tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Cats On Tuesday / What a week !!!

Last monday my dad brought me to the vet (mom was working) , to get my lump removed.
Yes I think they could have been doing a better job with the stiches !
I think they could have made a cute mouse or something ;-)

Since I´m a good boy I haven´t  been wearing the Cone of shame at all  = Huray !!!

On the wednesday I was on a barbeque party at my mom´s parents house = Nom Nom :)

On the friday afternoon my 2-legged drove of and left me all by my self all weekend :(
Well mom´s parents did visit me 3 times a day , but it´s not the same as if mom and dad is home.

Mom and Dad was in Arvika and looked at Vintage Car´s

Yesterday night I was on Dui and Deco`s birthday party , so I´m a bit worned out today.
You know how it is with to much Tuna and Catniptinis ;-)

Finally today mom has taken away the stiches.
Here is before she started :)

Mom are you sure that it´s just the stiches you are going to take away ?? I think this is looking just like a surgery kit !!

Stiches gone !!!

The vet called on the friday and told me and mom and dad that the lump was benign :)

Happy Tuesday efurrybody !!!

to visit Gattina and her cat´s 

13 kommentarer:

Hjulia huller om buller sa...

What a cool mom you have, that could remove your stitches!
Our mom could not have done that, she is so fussy! The wound looks nice out and your coat will hide your scars.

Heve a nice day!



Gattina sa...

Happy to see that your wound healed well and your mom could take off the threads. Now you look like Scarface or rather scarneck. It's only a question of time and you fur grows back. It's a shame to leave you alone although I can understand you mom and Dad to see these old vintage cars !

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Yes, what a week for you! Glad the stitches are out now! :-)

Sharon Wagner sa...

The cone is history along with the stitches. Good kitty.

Katten Lisa sa...

Det allra, allra bästa är att du kommer bli helt bra igen!!! HURRA för det! Och tänk att du klarade dig från tratt. MYCKET imponerande!

Dui och Deco sa...

Så kul att du kom igår! Jamarns vilket party!Vi är slitna idag vi med. Skönt att bli av med stygnen, tufft av matte att ta bort dem! Ha en bra dag Nosbuff

meowmeowmans sa...

Hooray for the lump being benign! We are glad your stitches are out, and that you did not have to wear the cone of shame.

Mr Puddy sa...

I'm glad you are healing well and took the stitches out !!!
Kjelle , You are doing good ! Did you get a treats ? I bet you do after a week like that...Lots ..Lots of Treats : )
Have a lovely day

Photo Cache sa...

thank god it was benign. get well soon and you'll grow your fur back. you are still a cutie.

emma and buster

Luxington sa...

Yay! We are so happy to hear the lump was benign! And your mom is a really great doctor for removing those stitches for you!

Barbara sa...

Oh that cut looks so painful! It's great that the stitches are now gone, and even more great that the lump was benign! x

Daisy sa...

I am so glad your lump was benign. It must have felt good to get those itchy sutures out!

Wikki sa...

*stum av beundran* Kjelle, att du lät matte ta stygnen själv... Jag hade aldrig klarat att vara så duktig. Jag höll t o m på att ställa till KATTastrof genom att knapra bort stygnen från mitt kastreringssår - trots strut...
Du har snart ny päls där och under tiden kan du ju underhålla kattjejerna med att berätta hur du fick ditt hemska sår i strid med en stor drake när du försvarade matte?! Eller?!
TassKram Wikki