tisdag 12 juli 2011

Cat´s on Tuesday

Has happened a lot of things since last tuesday :)

Crazy faces at wordless wednesday ;-)

The parcel that I won on the auction for homeless cat´s arrived :)
The money that the auction brought in was both for Södertälje Katthem and Östgötakatterna.

Don´t I look PAWsome in the goggles that where in the parcel ??!!
No moore schampoo in the eye´s when I´m taking baths ;-)

Then mom got the package with the books she had ordered 
from Amazon.

Mom has already read the book about Max for me :) 
It was a really good book = both funny and heart touching !!!

The books about  the cat Norton
I hope she will start to read tonight !!!

Then I have strolled around in a lovely blue Floxflower field :)

On the saturday mom and dad ran away with their motorcycles!!!
They drove a Poker Run = you drive around on a route and pick cards in 5 different stations.
The one who has the best pokerhand at the finish win money :)
No mom or dad didn´t win any money :(
And they where gone most of the day AND night !!!

Good for them that they where at home on the sunday and took care of me , otherwise I would have ...

  Yesterday they have had vaccation aswell and they have been of doing errends half day :(
But the rest of the day they have been home with me :)

Mom let me sit in the window and watch birds

Here I do my kaka sound at the bird :)

My mom took me out for a walk last night then it had cooled of a bit. It was really hot here yesterday + 27 C in the shadow.

I´ve have a really BIG field to walk in , don´t I ??!!

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17 kommentarer:

Mr Puddy sa...

OMC !!!! The goggles made you look so SO COOL !!!! Love it !
And My mom go WOW ! with your mom's books..She will love it ! Zen of Max is lovely book ! You will love Max. My mom got his book too.
And Norton is my mom favorite book ( The Cat Who Went to Paris ), but she didn't get others two yet, so she is waiting for your mommy's review !
And Conscat for the Auction ! Great thing for feral

Happy Happy Tuesday, My friend

NoOne sa...

Tass Coolt /Jam & Kram!!!

Ellen Whyte sa...

Love those feathers to play with. And you look cool in sunglasses.

We love LUNA sa...

My favorite is the picture of you using those funny glasses! MOL
You are so cute!

Skrutten och Skorpan sa...

Du har verkligen haft en "busy week". :)

HH and The Boys sa...

Thanks so much for mentioning my book. I'm so glad you liked it. I love the pictures of you in the grass... beautiful.

pawhugs, Max

Fuzzy Tales sa...

Those goggles are seriously awesome.

You've had a busy week, both you and your mom and dad! :-)

Unknown sa...

You have been so busy! Great pics.

Dui och Deco sa...

Den där minen när man ser en fjäderkotlett känner vi igen.Nosbuff

Katten Lisa sa...

Vilken retsticka till fågel! De sätter sig sådär och säger "kom och ta mig" bara för att de VET att man inte kan! Så otroligt frustrerande!
Det där fältet hade jag gärna undersökt litet närmare!

Irishcoda sa...

I love the picture of the goggles, lol! Enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

Gattina sa...

You look like a star who wants to stay icognito with these google goggles ! and what a parcel ! I think the reading part is more for your mom, lol ! We also had very hot weather and the cats were laying around everywhere !

catsynth sa...

Sounds like quite a week. Nice pictures from the various adventures, and the goggles are quite cute.

I'm curious about the "Zen of Max" book now...

Barbara sa...

Love those goggles - Charlie would look great in them!!

Photo Cache sa...

we envy your large field to roam around with inspect every corner.

our mama thanks your mama for showing her all the reading materials she can someday get her hands on, if she doesn't get lazy again.

and boy your goggles look like youre a helicopter pilot or something.

emma and buster

Kattfamiljen sa...

Hihi första bilden där du leker med den gröna ormen ser du så sötknasig ut ;-)

BeadedTail sa...

You had quite a week! We love the photos of you in the grass! You have the same language we do with the birdies, no translation needed there!