tisdag 5 juli 2011

Cats On Tuesday / What a day !!!

This morning mom brought out my travelcage and then I suspect that something was going on ??!!

Indeed my suspicions was right !!
I was put in the cage and carried out to the car and then I ended up ...
HERE  at the veterinary clinic !!!

Mom said that it was because I need a passport so we can go abroad on Catshows. So maybe I can become an International Champion some day ?! I really don´t care , I´m happy that I became a Champion on the Catshow last sunday :)
Or mom and my breeder is happy about that !
I still love to get my paws dirty in the garage and don´t care about my Championbow that much ;-)

I got a shot in my neck against Rabies and that was not so bad really !!!
But then the nurse got out needles and tubes and a rubber band and I got really skeptical !!!
Can you believe that she tied the rubber band around my right front paw and then she put the needle in it and took MY blood and filled two tubes !!!
I was not happy about this at all :(
I don´t care what bloodtype I have or if my FIV and FeLV tests are negative or if I ever have had or have umbilical hernia !!!
WHAT , you have to tell this things to a maybe future mother in law ??
OMC !!!
Have you ever heard about privacy mom ??!!
OK no privacy here :(
My bloodtype is A and the test for FIV and FeLV was negative witch is positive and I don´t have or have had umbilical hernia :)

Here is my passport :)

So now I can travell around the world :)
WHAT ??!! Do I need another shoot and bloodtest first ??!!

On the way home mom stopped at a shop with delicatessen there she bought nom noms :)


When we got hom I went to bed because I was soo tired after this experience. Do you think mommie let me sleep ??

NOOOO she came and gave me this doggietoy !!!
That she apperently bought at the vetclinic to cheer me up a bit after the shot in my neck and the bloodsamples. My mommie is very nice to meeee and spoil me rotten say´s dad :)

I hope the rest of you have had a better tuesday morning than me !!!

and visit Gattina and here cats
and of course the other participants too :)

13 kommentarer:

We love LUNA sa...

wow how cool a passport!
Now you can travel and came to visit me here! :)
Adorable Mr. Froggy, he is so green and kind! :)

Nea theCat sa...

Wow antar att du kunde haft en bättre tisdag då. :(

Men skönt att du är frisk som en nötkärna eller nåt sånt. :)


Anonym sa...

Congratulations on becoming a champion :) And such a cool passport too ;)

HH and The Boys sa...

Wow... how exciting that you're going to be going abroad for cat shows. International star!!! Glad the vet visit is behind you. Now you can concentrate on what toys you're going to pack.

Have a great day.

pawhugs, Max

NoOne sa...

Mwaooo,pasport for You.....
*Thihi* Lovely pitcures and we lik the Frog!
Oh,myyyyyyyyy...we can little english to hope you can understand us ;)

/Mjauuuuuuuuuu Hug

Dui och Deco sa...

Skönt att du är frisk i alla fall! Det är ju bra att du övar på engelskan så här på tisdagar om du nu ska åka utomlands så kan du ju jama med alla katter där! Grodan var väl rätt ok ändå?Nosbuff

Gattina sa...

Geez, that sounds very chic ! A cat with European passport ! You must be very proud even with dirty paws. Of course the frog is not a toy for you ! ask for a mouse next time !

Katten Lisa sa...

Att bli tappad på blod gillar jag INTE, så jag känner för dig som fått göra det.
Jag är nog litet imponerad ändå att du har ett eget PASS! Det skulle jag också vilja ha. Fast jag vill inte resa nånstans. Skulle bara titta på det ibland.

ellie sa...

Poor u! Blood tests r not much fun :( Still, it's great that u can travel now! Looks like froggie won u over in the end!

catsynth sa...

Sounds like a very full day with ups and downs...both a vet visit (down) and lots of treats (up). But how great to have a cat passport now :)

Mr Puddy sa...

Cool ! You the first cat I know having passport !
I can't wait to hear the next journey !!!!
And Hey, Kjelle...I really love your new look of the blog : )

The Chair Speaks sa...

Oooo, you are a travelling cat! And you've got lovely treats from your mom to make up for the unpleasantries at the clinic.

Barbara sa...

Congrats on being a champion! And way to go in getting a passport, let me know if you're coming to the UK so I can try to come and see you. What a dreadful experience at the vets though, and then to be caught on camera with a toy frog... at least you got something tasty to eat!