tisdag 15 november 2011

Cats On Tuesday

Time to blog in english again :)
So my englishspeaking furriends , 
please turn the translater OFF !!!

I missed Cats On Tuesday last week because my mom was down at Malmoe Animal Hospital on a lecture about cat´s teeth

Guess if she got some crazy ideas about brushing 
my teeth efuryday ??!! 
The toothpaste tasted awful !!

So I have mostly been hiding up here,  to get away from mom and the toothbrush ;-)

I have maneged to catch a mouse , not bad for an indoor kitty !
 Mom was glad that I caught it , cause she thought it was bad 
with a mouse inside our apartmen.

She wasn´t to glad when I threw it up in the air 
and it landed in her lap though :)

I´m in a photocompetition in our local newspaper , 
if I´m lucky I will be in the final and then I maybe 
will be one of the cat´s in next years Lussekattskalender :)
You can like my picture until the 17/11.
If you wan´t to give me some help ,  just 
click on my picture and you will get to the newspaper and then just click the heart below my picture and then you have liked it :)

Have a happy tuesday efurrybody !!!
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16 kommentarer:

Hjulia huller om buller, eller Smulan, Amanda och deras 2 benta sa...

Klickat troget idag också *blink*



CaroSCAT sa...

I was hoping that clicking on "Skicka en kommentar" meant I could "post a comment"! lol

Just wanted to say Kjelle, "goodonya" for catching that mousie. Hooking it onto mom's lap, though, not so clever. You are the best looking cat for sure. have voted :) >^..^<

Dui och Deco sa...

´Grattis till muslingen, vi drömmer om att knipa en vi också! Snyggt jobbat kompis. Underbara bilder.Nosbuff

Eric and Flynn sa...

Well done on catching the mouse Kjelle. You are a Mighty Hunter.
We get our teeth brushed every day too.

Jackie sa...

Clever Kjelle, catching that mousie, did you eat it? Rappy eats most of the mousies he catches, but he doesn't eat the rats, they don't taste so good. Jetikins.

Katten Gustav sa...

WOW, har du fångat en mus!? Strongt gjort, bara att gratulera! Det var väl perfekt att kasta musen till datorn, det är ju där de brukar vara!

Findus, Isak och Rasmus sa...

Tur att det finns bokhyllor, jamar vi... ;) Kurr och burr.

meowmeowmans sa...

Great catch, Kjelle! You showed that mouse, didn't you?

We "liked" your picture in the newspaper contest. We sure hope you win!

Kitcaboodles sa...

Oh that did make me laugh about the mouse landing in your poor mom's lap!! Thank you for telling me how to vote for you too... I was struggling to work it out but my vote is now cast!

Cindy sa...

Such an exciting post! First - OH NO! Not toothpaste and toothbrushing!! Run and hide! Then you catch mouse!! That really good, but MOL about tossing on Mom's lap! That make us laugh so much! Then you in a contest! We hope you win! Maybe you have to keep teeth clean to win contest? Good luck!
Buster, Sam and Rudy

CaroSCAT sa...

Tack så mycket. Jag kan tala svenska. ... with the help of Google lol x


We THINK we voted for you. We hope you win the contest!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

BeadedTail sa...

You got to play with a real mousie after catching it? Now that looks like a lot of fun!

Photo Cache sa...

so cute kjelle. you looking bootiful everyday.

emma and buster

Pelle sa...

374 röster var det, när jag röstade nyss! Musfångare! Rysligt bra gjort. Här vågar de inte komma in, jag kollar varje dag, överallt.

Katthemmet Kompis sa...

Wow, vilken "kompis" du har hittat! Det gillar vi. :-) /Tass